Camertron's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,5941,386twitter_cldrRuby implementation of the ICU (International Components for Unicode) that uses the Com...
21,6211,392cldr-plurals-runtime-rbRuby runtime methods for CLDR plural rules (see camertron/cldr-plurals).
31,6281,397camertron-eprunEfficient pure Ruby Unicode normalization.
41,733790view_componentA framework for building reusable, testable & encapsulated view components in Ruby on R...
52,3342,740arel-helpersUseful tools to help construct database queries with ActiveRecord and Arel.
65,0093,885turbo-sprockets-rails4Speed up asset precompliation by compiling assets in parallel.
75,5508,888generated-assetsProgrammatically generate assets for the Rails asset pipeline.
85,63611,841i18n-js-assetsCompile your Javascript translations using the asset pipeline instead of rake tasks.
99,3188,080turbo-sprockets-rails5Speed up asset precompliation by compiling assets in parallel.
1013,07611,841txghA library for syncing translation resources between Github and Transifex.
1113,12167,309prebundlerGem dependency prebuilder
1213,3008,253primer_view_componentsViewComponents for the Primer Design System
1314,90367,309rails-middleware-extensionsAdds several additional operations useful for customizing your Rails middleware stack.
1416,78338,236net-smtp-proxyProxy support for Ruby's Net::SMTP library.
1517,11414,138ruby-cldrRuby library for exporting and using data from CLDR, see
1617,45067,309simple-graphA simple, no-frills graph implementation.
1718,78521,747json-write-streamAn easy, streaming way to generate JSON.
1819,68123,014twitter_cldr_jsProvides date, time, number, and list formatting functionality for various Twitter-supp...
1920,16367,309abroadA set of parsers and serializers for dealing with localization file formats.
2021,35015,042kubectl-rbThe kubectl binary executable packaged and distributed as a Rubygem.
2122,41512,404gelautoAutomatically annotate your code with Sorbet type definitions.
2223,79150,055kuby-coreDeploy your Rails app onto Kubernetes the easy way.
2325,4078,433helm-rbHelm distributed as a Rubygem.
2427,54118,097txgh-serverAn HTTP server for interacting with txgh.
2532,69418,603txbrA library for syncing translation resources between Braze and Transifex.
2637,21823,526txdbAn automation tool for translating database content with Transifex.
2738,30967,309esprimaRuby wrapper around the Esprima static code analyzer for JavaScript.
2838,60923,014jvectormap-railsjVectorMap for the Rails asset pipeline
2939,29829,852yaml-write-streamAn easy, streaming way to generate YAML.
3041,13421,272txgh-queueQueue worker for processing Txgh webhooks.
3145,01967,309rosette-clientGit command integration for the Rosette internationalization platform that manages the ...
3247,44618,097kube-dslA Ruby DSL for defining Kubernetes resources.
3347,46718,603kuby-kube-dbKubeDB plugin for Kuby.
3451,20567,309antlr4-nativeCreate a Ruby native extension from any ANTLR4 grammar.
3552,13018,097docker-remoteA Ruby client for communicating with the Docker registry API v2.
3652,65467,309any2tmxA command-line tool to convert certain file types to the standard TMX format for transl...
3754,23867,309cldr-pluralsTokenizes and parses CLDR plural rules and provides a mechanism for emitting them as so...
3856,89632,093xml-write-streamAn easy, streaming way to generate XML.
3957,67618,097kubernetes-cliRuby wrapper around the Kubernetes CLI.
4058,67767,309cskitChristian Science citation library for Ruby.
4161,20524,025fsshEasily ssh into remote Amazon EC2 hosts by name.
4264,70467,309escodegenRuby wrapper around the escodegen JavaScript generator that generates ECMA script from ...
4366,04167,309cskit-shktsScience and Health resources for CSKit.
4467,00624,025grape-client-generatorAutomatically generate clients for your Grape APIs.
4573,14118,097kuby-cert-managerKuby plugin for automatically generating TLS certificates.
4673,97215,629helm-cliRuby wrapper around the Helm CLI.
4778,24567,309repo-fixtureBuild and package up git repositories as test fixtures.
4878,48032,093mosaicoThe Mosaico email editor on Rails.
4978,67450,055kuby-digitaloceanDigitalOcean provider for Kuby.
5079,48118,603kuby-azureAzure provider for Kuby.
5180,67618,603kind-rbThe kind binary executable packaged and distributed as a Rubygem.
5281,66167,309cldr-plurals-runtime-jsJavascript runtime methods for CLDR plural rules (see camertron/cldr-plurals).
5383,45867,309cskit-strongsStrong's Concordance resources for CSKit.
5486,58467,309range-setAn efficient set implementation that treats runs of sequential elements as ranges.
5586,64050,055binasciiA Ruby version of Python's binascii module
5690,07441,064tmp-repoCreates and manages a git repository in the operating system's temporary directory. Use...
5791,44467,309cskit-biblekjvBible resources for CSKit, King James Version.
5892,54430,878css-rewriteRewrite URLs in your 3rd-party CSS files using the asset pipeline.
5994,02423,014ruxA jsx-inspired way to write view components.
6094,72541,064tmx-parserParser for the Translation Memory eXchange (.tmx) file format.
6195,94067,309kuby-linodeLinode provider for Kuby.
62106,75067,309kuby-eksAmazon EKS provider for Kuby.
63108,33267,309rux-railsRux view components on Rails.
64110,19867,309aws-iam-authenticator-rbAWS IAM Authenticator distributed as a Rubygem.
65111,22119,666kuby-kindKind provider for Kuby.
66112,14267,309code-pagesA database of legacy Microsoft and ISO 8859 code pages for Ruby.
67120,79767,309camertron-moar-lolspeakShameless copy of CPAN module Acme::LOLCAT, modified for release by @camertron.
68131,15667,309camertron-optionRuby port of Scala's Option Monad
69132,61867,309camertron-rails-assets-codemirrorThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
70133,61967,309oheyA rewrite of the platform detection logic in ohai, but with fewer dependencies and 100%...
71134,17967,309ohm-stateful-modelIntegrate state machines (from the state_machine gem) into your Ohm models.
72135,42867,309rtl-stringEasier string manipulation for people who come from LTR backgrounds.
73136,17455,825trie-fileMemory-efficient cached trie and trie storage.
74136,71267,309commonjs-rhinoCommonJS support for Rhino, in Ruby.
75137,83267,309progress-reportersCallback-oriented way to report the progress of a task.
76138,61667,309nfs-rbAn NFS v2 server implemented in pure Ruby.
77138,81741,064garnetA placeholder until I come up with a better use for the namespace.
78140,63067,309rosette-coreCore classes for the Rosette internationalization platform.
79142,87067,309kuby-sidekiqSidekiq plugin for Kuby.
80145,78167,309pilcrowAutomatically inserts non-with spaces between words in text from STDIN
81147,09867,309expertManage and install jar dependencies (an alternative to jbundler).
82152,46767,309antlr-gemeratorGenerate a complete Rubygem from any ANTLR4 grammar.
83152,49655,825yaml2tmxA command-line tool to convert Rails locale-specific yaml files to the standard TMX for...
84154,84767,309curdleProgrammatically remove Sorbet type annotations from Ruby code.
85160,06267,309absolverAllows setting the cause of Ruby exceptions.
86160,21567,309laminateTurn any Ruby module into a composable decorator.
87164,10167,309kuby-redisRedis plugin for Kuby.
88168,64567,309python3-parserA Python 3 parser for Ruby.
89168,92467,309erb2ruxAutomatically convert .html.erb files into .rux files.
90170,09150,055kuby-crdbCockroachDB plugin for Kuby.
91170,12467,309kuby-memcachedMemcached plugin for Kuby.
92171,23767,309kuby-prebundlerUse Prebundler to install your bundle when building Docker images with Kuby.