Namelessjon's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
14,99811,374merb-coreMerb. Pocket rocket web framework.
25,28511,052merb-assetsMerb plugin for supporting assets
35,70412,410merb-helpersMerb plugin containing view helpers
45,73111,201merb-hamlMerb plugin for HAML support
55,82812,776merb-param-protectionMerb plugin that helps protecting sensible parameters
65,8409,129merbThe Merb stack
76,0448,398merb_datamapperMerb plugin that provides support for datamapper
86,15011,201merb-slicesMerb plugin that supports reusable application 'slices'.
96,38911,201merb-mailerMerb plugin for mailer support
106,83911,540merb-exceptionsMerb plugin that supports exception notification
116,94711,052merb-cacheMerb plugin for supporting assets
126,95411,374merb-action-argsMerb plugin that supports controller action arguments
137,01211,374merb-genMerb plugin containing useful code generators
147,1769,216merb-auth-coreAn Authentication framework for Merb
157,1999,216merb-auth-moreAddons for merb-auth-core
167,58912,410merb-authMerb plugin that provides authentication support
177,88513,277merb-auth-slice-passwordMerb Slice with password UI support
1813,88010,287encrypted_cookieEncrypted session cookies for Rack
1928,33387,174openlogcleanerCleans OpenRPG Logs Logs are presented in an easy to read manner, stripped of the nois...
2029,06531,650merb_partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
2129,80628,726feed_meNice and simple RSS and atom feed parsing built on hpricot
2229,85787,174sovaaCouchDB library
2331,03326,175exalted_mathParsing and evaluation of simple maths expressions for Exalted This intended to aid in...
2446,25636,003dm-gendm-gen is a simple commandline tool for generating DataMapper related files. It include...
2546,43036,003defined_hashDefined hashlike objects, with validations. For simple schema definitions and checking...
2658,94564,680merb_cucumberCucumber integration for Merb
2766,67887,174todoistThe todoist gem offers convinience methods and wrappers for the todoist list management...
2867,81187,174namelessjon-couchrestCouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as ...
2969,36387,174wiki_libA simple library to wrap around some common wiki operations Currently only PMWiki is su...
3092,67787,174namelessjon-twitter_oauthA fork of twitter_oauth library. With added yajl (and that's it)