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1431655liquidA secure, non-evaling end user template engine with aesthetic markup.
2454164bootsnapBoot large ruby/rails apps faster
38121,215statsd-instrumentA StatsD client for Ruby apps. Provides metaprogramming methods to inject StatsD instru...
49361,236activemerchantActive Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopif...
51,1611,328active_utilsCommon utils used by active_merchant, active_fulfillment, and active_shipping
61,4061,145graphql-batchA query batching executor for the graphql gem
71,7881,431ar_transaction_changesSolves the problem of trying to get all the changes to an object during a transaction i...
81,8751,474shopify_apiThe Shopify API gem allows Ruby developers to programmatically access the admin section...
92,0581,422ejsonSecret management by encrypting values in a JSON hash with a public/private keypair
102,2092,196identity_cacheOpt-in read through Active Record caching.
112,2332,929active_shippingGet rates and tracking info from various shipping carriers. Extracted from Shopify.
122,7152,508buildkitRuby toolkit for working with the Buildkite API
132,7782,611omniauth-shopify-oauth2Shopify strategy for OmniAuth
142,7913,530offsite_paymentsOffsite Payments is a simple abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It i...
152,8483,036quantifiedPretty quantifiable measurements which feel like ActiveSupport::Duration.
163,0331,947semianA Ruby C extention that is used to control access to shared resources across proces...
173,1221,622measuredWrapper objects which encapsulate measurements and their associated units in Ruby.
183,2422,018better_htmlBetter HTML for Rails. Provides sane html helpers that make it easier to do the right t...
193,2513,022browser_snifferParses user agent strings and boils it all down to a few simple classifications.
203,3553,574shopify_appThis gem is used to get quickly started with the Shopify API
213,7261,508bootbootThis gems removes you the overhead of monkeypatching your Gemfile in order to dualboot ...
223,9453,102sewing_kitShopify's modern front-end tooling, nicely packaged for Rails
233,9813,827polaris_tokensDesign Tokens for the Polaris Design System
244,0212,342erb_lintERB Linter tool.
254,0558,359dashingThis framework lets you build & easily layout dashboards with your own custom widge...
264,1208,003graphql_schemaClasses for convenient use of GraphQL introspection result
274,1574,017verdictShopify Experiments classes
284,4176,928turbograftTurbograft is a hard fork of Turbolinks, allowing you to perform partial page refreshes...
294,4616,176activerecord-pedantmysql2-adapterGives a hook on MySQL warnings that allow you to either raise or log them.
304,5995,955activerecord-rescue_from_duplicateRescue from MySQL and Sqlite duplicate errors
314,6855,010wolverineWolverine provides a simple way to run server-side redis scripts from a rails app
324,7165,582memcached_storePlugin-able Memcached adapters to add features (compression, safety)
335,0244,078toxiproxyA Ruby library for controlling Toxiproxy. Can be used in resiliency testing.
345,1655,071ci-queueTo parallelize your CI without having to balance your tests
355,3339,961active_fulfillmentFramework and tools for dealing with shipping, tracking and order fulfillment services.
365,6605,020cli-uiTerminal UI framework
375,7239,794activerecord-databasevalidationsOpt-in validations for your ActiveRecord models based on your MySQL database constraint...
385,7654,366shopify-moneyManage money in Shopify with a class that wont lose pennies during division!
395,9004,233deprecation_toolkitDeprecation Toolkit around ActiveSupport::Deprecation
405,9196,723measured-railsRails adapter for assigning and managing measurements with their units provided by the ...
416,0967,739cli-kitTerminal UI framework extensions
425,7666,397magellan-rubyRuby API for Magellan
436,3334,648oktakitRuby toolkit for working with the Okta API
446,5896,772kubernetes-deployKubernetes deploy scripts
456,9156,928rails-bigint-primarykeyEasily use 64-bit primary keys in Rails
467,4593,097rubocop-sorbetAutomatic Sorbet code style checking tool.
477,56610,297asset_cloudAn abstraction layer around arbitrary and diverse asset stores.
488,5846,838annex_29Unicode annex 29 compliant word segmentation
499,13450,078genesis_collectorAgent to collect information about bare metal servers and send it to Genesis.
509,9134,841liquid-cLiquid performance extension in C
5110,20911,705gctrackThis gem can be used to track Ruby GC tracepoints that are normally only visible throug...
5210,25413,608structured-event-loggerStructured event logging interface
5310,51412,868rotoscopeHigh-performance logger of Ruby method invocations
5410,7335,855job-iterationMakes your background jobs interruptible and resumable.
5510,9208,003capistrano-ejsonAutomatic EJSON decryption for Capistrano
5611,40729,949shopify_themeCommand line tool to help with developing Shopify themes. Provides simple commands to d...
5711,4525,107payment_iconsMountable rails engine which loads assets (svg files of payment icons) and provides a f...
5811,57150,078hookshotHookshot client library for ruby
5911,91613,608shipit-engineApplication deployment software
6012,02050,078batman-railsQuickly get started with batman.js in a Rails app. Provides generators to get started a...
6112,5175,347ejson-railsRails secret management by encrypting values in a JSON hash with a public/private keypair
6214,32529,949doggySyncs and manages DataDog dashboards, alerts, screenboards, and monitors.
6316,4514,790ruby-limiterSimple Ruby rate limiting mechanism.
6418,61250,078locationaryGem to normalize and auto-correct location information
6520,79920,252zygoteAutomate baremetal server actions with iPXE
6621,17450,078azkaban_schedulerAzkaban client that can update the schedule
6722,1034,492tapiocaA Ruby Interface file generator for gems, core types and the Ruby standard library
6823,74516,276record_storeManage DNS through a git-based workflow. If you're looking for the original 'record_sto...
6924,9845,718quilt_railsA turn-key solution for integrating server-rendered react into your Rails app using Qui...
7028,3688,303smart_todoSmartTodo is a tool designed to assign specific users on todo's task written in your co...
7132,91550,078graphql_clientThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
7233,72810,188lita-externalMeta adapter that allow Lita to spawn multiple processes and load balance the work
7337,11950,078google_authConvenience wrapper for omniauth-google-apps: Makes a lot of assumptions, requires less...
7445,50325,587ssllabsThis is a ruby API to interact with Qualys SSL Labs API. API Documentation is available...
7545,91721,462shopify_cliDeprecated! Please use the `shopify_api_console` gem.
7646,95650,078kitchen-shopify-provisionerWork around Shopify specific cookbook quirks
7750,39650,078rails_parallelrails_parallel runs your Rails tests by forking off a worker and running multiple tests...
7850,5207,908ejson2envDecrypt EJSON secrets and export them as environment variables.
7963,6054,847kraneA command line tool that helps you ship changes to a Kubernetes namespace and understan...
8067,00850,078genesis_clientRuby client library for the Genesis API
8167,21350,078multirow_counterTypically SQL is not a great place to store a counter that is incremented often. For in...
8271,39050,078signpost-verifierVerify signed HTTP requests against a list of authorized_keys
8377,98750,078dynect_emailProvides integration with the DynECT Email API.
8479,82550,078signpost-signerSign HTTP requests with a local SSH keypair for verification on the server against a li...
8580,03050,078shopify_transporterThe Transporter tool allows you to convert data from a third-party platform into a form...
8688,26450,078giffyA tool that makes it easy to convert videos into gifs
8790,78050,078dev-uiTerminal UI framework
88103,09250,078signpost-railsA rails integration to use with signpost ssh verification
89115,23321,462tainted_loveTaintedLove is a dynamic security analysis tool for Ruby
90117,09529,949graphql_java_genGenerates java code based on the GraphQL schema to provide type-safe API for building G...
91119,09250,078param_sanitizerSimple middleware for cleaning up possibly bad requests on selected endpoints
92128,44629,949shopify-junos-ez-stdlibAutomation Framework for Junos/NETCONF: Facts, Providers, and Utils
93132,89114,926shopify_api_consoleThe Shopify Admin API Console gem is a tool for accessing the Shopify Admin API from th...
94137,74450,078dev-kitTerminal UI framework extensions
95145,36850,078graphql_swift_genGenerates swift code based on the GraphQL schema to provide type-safe API for building ...
96147,32629,949polaris_tokens_plusDesign Tokens for the Polaris Design System - Plus Version
97150,20350,078pii-detectorRuby gem to detect personally identifiable information.
98153,11550,078activerecord-firewallA simple hello world gem
99155,39850,078graphiql-rails-forkUse the GraphiQL IDE for GraphQL with Ruby on Rails. This gem includes an engine, a con...