Sds's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1114200childprocessThis gem aims at being a simple and reliable solution for controlling external programs...
2975599mock_redisInstantiate one with `redis =` and treat it like you would a normal Redis...
31,0561,062haml_lintConfigurable tool for writing clean and consistent HAML
41,1742,175scss_lintConfigurable tool for writing clean and consistent SCSS
51,4731,208overcommitUtility to install, configure, and extend Git hooks
61,5161,171db-query-matchersRSpec matchers for database queries
72,8796,664scss-lintMOVED: See `scss_lint` (with an underscore) for up-to-date project
83,0432,663slim_lintConfigurable tool for writing clean and consistent Slim templates
95,3975,626haml-lint(MOVED) See haml_lint gem (with an underscore)
107,53064,966arcanusTool for working with encrypted secrets in repositories
1133,73628,415gerritTool providing an effective CLI workflow with Gerrit
1239,23527,241pubsubhubPubSubHub allows you to loosen the coupling between components in a system by providing...
1348,916132,627buffetBuffet distributes RSpec test cases over multiple machines.
1471,070132,627chef-relevant-testsOnly run the Chef tests that you need to run
1586,13555,948proposeCreate, manipulate, and verify propositional logic sentences
16111,56877,290navoTest Chef cookbooks in Docker containers
17138,56296,398dockTwenty methods for ten different adapters
18148,59896,398lint_trappingsFramework for writing static analysis tools (a.k.a. linters)