#789's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1134347turbolinksRails engine for Turbolinks 5 support
2240366turbolinks-sourceTurbolinks JavaScript assets
3514918wheneverClean ruby syntax for writing and deploying cron jobs.
4596615webpackerUse webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
51,9051,660local_timeRails engine for cache-friendly, client-side local time
64,23712,708bladeSprockets test runner and toolkit
74,27311,039sprockets-exportA Sprockets directive for hassle-free UMD-style JavaScript module definitions.
84,27711,935blade-sauce_labs_pluginBlade Runner plugin for Sauce Labs (saucelabs.com)
94,30011,039blade-qunit_adapterBlade adapter for the QUnit JavaScript testing framework
1017,38939,025copyServes mostly static pages with blocks of editable copy.
11113,57339,025sprockets-svgoSprockets helpers for optimizing SVG graphics with svgo
12123,79039,025blade_runner-qunit_adapterBlade Runner adapter for the QUnit JavaScript testing framework
13132,95339,025blade_runnerA Sprockets-friendly JavaScript test runner