Palkan's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1261490autoprefixer-railsParse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the Can I Use website.
2849496test-profRuby applications tests profiling tools. Contains tools to analyze factories usage...
31,4971,207ruby-next-coreRuby Next Core is a zero deps version of Ruby Next meant to be used as as dependenc...
41,5241,304anyway_configConfiguration DSL for Ruby libraries and applications. Allows you to easily follow ...
52,6312,575isolatorDetect non-atomic interactions within DB transactions
62,6762,234action-cable-testingTesting utils for Action Cable
72,8922,202anycable-railsAnyCable integration for Rails
83,0712,206anycableAnyCable is a polyglot replacement for ActionCable-compatible servers
93,1622,429action_policyAuthorization framework for Ruby/Rails application
103,5062,144anycable-coreAnyCable core RPC implementation not depenending on a particular server type (e.g., gRP...
114,0907,253litecableFat-free ActionCable implementation for using with AnyCable (and without Rails)
124,1363,850n_plus_one_controlRSpec and Minitest matchers to prevent N+1 queries problem. Evaluates code under c...
134,3824,509action_policy-graphqlAction Policy integration for GraphQL-Ruby
144,7783,032imatcherImage comparison lib built on top of ChunkyPNG
155,0743,550logidzePostgreSQL JSONB-based model changes tracking
165,1243,722graphql-anycableA drop-in replacement for GraphQL ActionCable subscriptions for AnyCable.
176,4813,566store_attributeActiveRecord extension which adds typecasting to store accessors
186,5085,711clowneA flexible gem for cloning your models.
196,5712,950rubocop-mdRun Rubocop against your Markdown files to make sure that code examples follow style gu...
207,0434,327ruby-nextRuby Next is a collection of polyfills and a transpiler for supporting latest and upcom...
217,0996,436active_deliveryRuby and Rails framework for managing all types of notifications in one place
227,1944,326ruby-next-parserParser extension to support edge and experimental Ruby syntax
237,5882,477anycable-rails-coreAnyCable integration for Rails (w/o RPC dependencies)
249,0458,381abstract_notifierActionMailer-like interface for any type of notifications
2510,2585,083view_component-contribA collection of extensions and developer tools for ViewComponent
2613,1114,739anycable-rails-jwtAnyCable Rails helpers for JWT-based authentication
2715,73213,559influxerInfluxDB the Rails way
2816,03112,137pgrelActiveRecord extension for querying hstore and jsonb.
2918,8874,889graphql-connectionsGraphQL cursor-based stable pagination to work with Active Record relations
3019,63334,360amorailRuby API client for AmoCRM. You can integrate your system with it.
3119,94014,090rubanokParameters-based transformation DSL
3219,95912,720active_event_storeWrapper over Rails Event Store with conventions and transparent Rails integration
3321,6555,049require-hooksRequire Hooks provide infrastructure for intercepting require/load calls in Ruby
3422,21010,362evil-seedThis gem allows you to easily dump and transform subset of your ActiveRecord models and...
3525,4048,470action-cable-redis-backportBackports Action Cable 7.1 Redis adapter for older versions
3627,2215,789pacoPaco is a parser combinator library.
3729,74760,044checkr-canadaCheckr Canda API client (
3830,65119,746anytAction Cable / AnyCable conformance testing tool
3935,56217,204npmdcCheck for missed dependencies of NPM packages based on dependency list specified in pac...
4045,4947,746freezoliteExample description
4145,81829,324capistrano-anycableAnyCable integration for Capistrano
4250,690106,746anycable-rack-serverAnyCable-compatible Ruby Rack middleware
4352,43739,729wsdirector-cliCommand line tool for testing WebSocket servers using scenarios.
4466,95243,609netologiestRuby API client for Netology
4596,33883,376pieces-railspieces.js for rails
46102,18024,765wsdirector-coreScenario-based WebSocket black-box testing
47103,07843,609downstreamStraightforward way to implement communication between Rails Engines using the Publish-...
48120,41037,087test-prof-autopilotAutomatic TestProf runner
49131,18153,660trellodonThe main purpose of Trellodon is to make it possible to backup Trello boards to file sy...
50152,928144,505activerecord-slotted_countersActive Record slotted counters support
51157,852106,746plombirYou cannot call yourself an "ice-cream" if you contain no cream
52158,46339,729rbytesRuby Bytes is a tool to build application templates for Ruby and Rails applications
53171,26923,189imgproxy-railsA gem that integrates imgproxy.rb with ActiveStorage::Variant API
54173,469106,746kuby-anycableKuby plugin to deploy AnyCable applications
55173,641106,746flakonSmart flaky tests detection for Rails apps
56174,40934,360rails-intest-viewsGenerate view templates dynamically in Rails tests
57175,853144,505anycable-thrusterA zero-config HTTP/2 proxy for lightweight production deployments with AnyCable real-ti...
58176,10083,376mock-sueyUtilities to keep mocks in line with real objects
59178,102144,505anyt-coreAction Cable / AnyCable conformance testing tool
60178,389106,746freeze_the_litsExample description
61178,790106,746modelscopeModel scope analyzes your Rails application models and provides some useful insights on...
62179,927144,505capybara-thrusterExample description