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11110i18nNew wave Internationalization support for Ruby.
22,4903,166couchrestCouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as ...
32,8774,583googlechartsGenerate charts using Google API & Ruby
44,9159,236templaterTemplater has the ability to both copy files from A to B and also to render templates u...
56,20955,914merb-coreMerb. Pocket rocket web framework.
66,50062,065merb-assetsMerb plugin for supporting assets
76,959101,459merbThe Merb stack
87,01262,065merb-hamlMerb plugin for HAML support
97,02562,065merb-helpersMerb plugin containing view helpers
107,098101,459merb_datamapperMerb plugin that provides support for datamapper
117,152101,459merb-param-protectionMerb plugin that helps protecting sensible parameters
127,403101,459merb-slicesMerb plugin that supports reusable application 'slices'.
137,649101,459merb-mailerMerb plugin for mailer support
148,17041,102bubble-wrapRubyMotion wrappers and helpers (Ruby for iOS and OS X) - Making Cocoa APIs more Ruby l...
158,187101,459merb-exceptionsMerb plugin that supports exception notification
168,26162,065merb-cacheMerb plugin for supporting assets
178,26455,914merb-action-argsMerb plugin that supports controller action arguments
188,29862,065merb-auth-coreAn Authentication framework for Merb
198,31141,102merb-genMerb plugin containing useful code generators
208,32041,102merb-auth-moreAddons for merb-auth-core
218,979101,459merb-authMerb plugin that provides authentication support
229,333101,459merb-auth-slice-passwordMerb Slice with password UI support
239,88245,450merb-more(merb - merb-core) == merb-more. The Full Stack. Take what you need; leave what you do...
2411,51128,132gchartGChart exposes the Google Chart API via a friendly Ruby interface. It can generate the ...
2511,853101,459merb_sequelMerb plugin that provides support for Sequel.
2614,28455,914merb_activerecordMerb plugin that provides ActiveRecord support for Merb
2715,22562,065wsdslRuby DSL describing Web Services without implementation details.
2817,67345,450wd_sinatraWeasel-Diesel Sinatra app gem, allowing you to generate/update sinatra apps using the W...
2918,97245,450merb_test_unitMerb plugin that provides Test::Unit support
3020,33762,065weasel_dieselRuby DSL describing Web Services without implementation details.
3121,733101,459merb_screw_unitMerb Slice that provides support for Screw.Unit testing
3224,80362,065merb_helpersHelper support for merb (similar to the Rails form helpers)
3325,348101,459merb_param_protectionMerb plugin that provides params_accessible and params_protected class methods
3425,43941,102fire-and-forgetAllows developers to fire HTTP requests and not worry about the response (only the init...
3525,99762,065merb-builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
3626,00962,065merb-partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
3726,07462,065minigemsLighweight drop-in replacement for rubygems.
3829,0107,416pubnub-publisherThe simplest PubNub gem possible to simply publish events. Nothing more.
3931,136101,459merb_partsMerb plugin that provides Part Controllers.
4031,74662,065merb_laszloMerb plugin that provides support for Laszlo.
4134,56862,065merb_builderMerb plugin that provides Builder support
4235,18462,065merb-jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
4336,037101,459merb_jqueryMerb plugin that provides jQuery support
4448,26462,065couchappCouchApp is a set of helpers and a jQuery plugin that conspire to get you up and runnin...
4551,222101,459merb-freezerMerb plugin that let's you freeze Merb
4654,87955,914wd_newrelic_rpmWeasel Diesel compatible version of rpm. New Relic is a performance management system, ...
4755,18727,585multibytedescription of gem
4856,25262,065s2s-authGenerates/parses encrypted and signed tokens.
4967,04162,065wd_sinatra_active_recordBasics to use ActiveRecord with WD Sinatra.
5067,269101,459han-converterConverts traditional / simplified Chinese
5171,525101,459random-word-generatorGenerate a string composed of one or many dictionary words. You can specify the amount ...
5285,30162,065sigenThis gem helps you build signatures like player cards etv..
5392,82062,065ruby-web-searchA (very old) Ruby gem that provides a way to retrieve search results via the main searc...
5493,253101,459merb_babelMerb plugin that provides simple localization/internationalisation
5595,872101,459gemcutter-xssHax alert('omg hax')
5699,86062,065merb_exceptionsAllows Merb to forward exceptions to emails or web hooks
57102,22362,065textorize-mrTextorize is a OS X utility to render subpixel antialised strings into PNG files.
58102,96945,450monkey_patcherKeep track of where you monkey patch your code.
59109,57639,578pvwattsCalculates the Performance of a Grid-Connected PV System.
60113,842101,459clowderThread pool