Ollejonsson's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12510faradayHTTP/REST API client library.
27748rainbowColorize printed text on ANSI terminals
321936faraday-net_httpFaraday adapter for Net::HTTP
4305288vcrRecord your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for ...
5315407noriXML to Hash translator
6323395gyokuGyoku translates Ruby Hashes to XML
7407485httpiCommon interface for Ruby's HTTP libraries
8506491wasabiA simple WSDL parser
9514522akamiBuilding Web Service Security
10533546savonHeavy metal SOAP client
113,2293,510active_record_upsertReal PostgreSQL 9.5+ upserts using ON CONFLICT for ActiveRecord
123,3933,015github_changelog_generatorChangelog generation has never been so easy. Fully automate changelog generation - this...
136,3646,498savon-multipartAdds multipart support (SOAP with Attachments) to Savon
1415,91340,081sekkenSekken is an experimental SOAP client for the Ruby community.
1516,114139,326banktools-deValidate and normalize German Bankleitzahl (BLZ) and bank account numbers. Also it conv...
1624,39927,456generativeGenerative and property-based testing for RSpec
18171,01398,244faraday-rashifyThis middleware was extracted from faraday_middleware.