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155341-155360 of all 155,954 gems.
155,338263soliditysolidity - type-safe (crypto) contracts
155,338263mastercard_productidentifierMasterCard ProductIdentifier Description
155,338263modern-pricingIntelligent pricing information that will drive your business forward.
155,338263jekyll-socialA Jekyll plugin to support social media on the blog.
155,345262activerecord-jdbcsqlserver-adapterThis is a fork of ActiveRecord SQL Server Adapter for JRuby. SQL Server 2012 and upward.
155,345262zeniteThis is a simple Ruby wrapper for the zenity library.
155,345262piglatinizerprovides a method to translate a phrase into piglatin
155,348261codebreaker-BulatkinCrack the code
155,348261cmd-chatops-rpcAn implementation of the Chatops-RPC Protocol client
155,348261hostscareAvoid the worst part of the internet by routing all those website to localhost
155,348261lingorbYet another duoling unofficial API binding
155,348261wcdbThis library is work in progress
155,348261rbweathermapRuby wrapper for OpenWeatherMap API
155,348261laixA simple gem
155,355260workarea-ship_stationShipstation integration.
155,355260myFlutteruse this tool to deploy your flutter sdk.
155,355260datahenDatahen toolbelt to develop scrapers and other scripts
155,355260tonkachiThis gem provides useful methods for tables and html hierarchy.
155,355260rspec_vars_helperSmall extension that helps organize your tests
155,360258abtion-scriptsAbtion tools for easy building, testing, and deploying