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155361-155380 of all 159,838 gems.
155,357532fastlane-plugin-bitwardenBitwarden CLI warpper plugin
155,357532sample_first_gemsample_first_gem is the best
155,357532my_sample_gemmy_sample_gem is the best
155,357532rails_admin_specified_actionscustom actions for rails_admin
155,357532microsoft_actionmailerUse Microsoft Graph API to send out emails with ActionMailer
155,357532fastlane-plugin-secret_keepersecret_keeper is a wrapped on keychain access.
155,357532my_bannerThis program processes detailed schedule information from your school's Ellucian Banner...
155,357532openwebslides-converterConverts arbitrary content data formats to Open Webslides data format
155,357532threadsafeYou probably meant `gem install thread_safe`.
155,357532okta_jwt_validationHelper library for validating Okta jwt token.
155,357532pronamBengali word for hello
155,357532laag-freetype2Library as a Gem - freetype2
155,357532first_ever_studio_gameStudio Game Program is meant to add multiple players to a game, and then give or remov...
155,357532colorme_public_apiWrite a longer description or delete this line.
155,357532rttweerweqweMarvel Comics API SDK
155,357532voteable-akshatThe best voting gem ever.
155,357532tibaFull description here
155,379531pdf_toolsRuby wrapper for the PDF Tools command-line utils.
155,379531blingfireHigh speed text tokenization for Ruby