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155361-155380 of all 155,931 gems.
155,360253rspec_screenshot_dashboardHooks into RSpec and makes browser screenshots in all js-feature specs. It works, by ho...
155,363252indexer101Experimental gem to search a list of words 1 character at a time. Intended for use as a...
155,363252status-lightThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
155,363252rabbit-slide-hasumikin-ToyamaRubyKaigi01The Presentation for RubyKaigiToyama01 by hasumikin
155,363252jaytest1This is just to test the gem function
155,363252rspec_database_helperSmall helper that helps organize definitions of FactoryBot.create methods in elegant way
155,363252rails-iftttIntegrate IFTTT Support into your Rails App
155,370250git-statsGit statistic commit, file changed, insertions, deletions
155,370250ps_pop_clientRuby Client to interact with CBSA api as described on PeerStreet take home assignment.
155,370250pdf_outline_editorSet PDF outlines from a JSON/YAML definition file
155,370250ifttt-railsIntegrate IFTTT Support into your Rails App
155,374249brpoplpush-redis_scriptBring your own LUA scripts into redis.
155,374249animefaceanimeface gem
155,377248atatusAtatus Ruby Agent
155,378247rixong_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
155,378247yeelight-clientOfficial implementation of Yeelight Operation Spec
155,378247github-eventsEasily trigger GitHub events (repository dispatch).