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Most downloads over all time
155981-156000 of all 156,560 gems.
155,981259some_gemsom_gem is just a gem
155,981259fluent-plugin-azure-storage-tablesFluent plugin to add event record into Azure Tables Storage.
155,981259aflAmerican Fuzzy Lop (AFL) support for ruby
155,981259sattvika-fluent-plugin-grafana-lokiOutput plugin to ship logs to a Grafana Loki server
155,981259entity_mapperMap persisted data to and from POROs
155,986258snabberbSnabberb is a minimalistic Opal view framework based on Snabbdom. You can write efficie...
155,986258coolermeMore powerful methods for Array, String etc.
155,986258qrapi-wrapperQRAPI Ruby API Wrapper
155,986258ezii-browserBrowser Ruby on Rails apps without a web browser
155,990257knock_knockDescription of KnockKnock.
155,990257harry-gemA gem to help me learn
155,990257cocytuscocytus gem's for everyone
155,990257dokuwikiThe DokuWiki library is used for automating interaction with a DokuWiki server.
155,994256coinswitchA ruby library implementation of the coinswitch api
155,994256checkurlA gem for checking details related to any given url. For example get response code, che...
155,994256responsive_previewRack Middleware that injects an iframe around the response content to allow for respons...
155,994256sequel-oracle_enhancedExtend sequel adapters with oracle_enhanced to have same naming as for activerecord
155,994256ezii-game-engine3d game engine
155,994256ezii-ebicsEBICS 2.5 H004 Implementation in Ruby.
156,000255dotenv-androidIt is said to be good practice when you configure your app with a .env file. This libra...