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155981-156000 of all 160,630 gems.
155,967548pagekeyCreated in a tutorial found on Doesn't do too much!
155,967548vop-servicesMetadata for how to install and operate services.
155,967548marcxellaA little library for reading MARC-XML, for when you just need to deal with it quickly.
155,967548hobby-sso-guardA Rack middleware for SSO(single sign-on).
155,967548slickr_cmsCMS built on top of Active Admin.
155,987547address_composerAddress Composer formats address components using worldwide regions formatting templates
155,987547dude_policycurrent user (current account) oriented Plain Ruby Object Policy for Ruby on Rails
155,987547ephemeronEphemeron improves the performance of your app. It takes on itself the persistence of t...
155,987547fluent-plugin-cmdaa-statCMDA plugin to process logdata and save stats to a database
155,987547on_tap_ibcFind out what is on tap at Ithaca Beer Company
155,987547threadsafeYou probably meant `gem install thread_safe`.
155,987547arboldefine DSP-like function chains for your lights
155,987547Aython-Houttekier-thermostat-exercisea ruby gem for a thermostat application
155,987547cryptolakaseSame as summary.
155,987547dsaddsadadsaMarvel Comics API SDK
155,987547mastercard_travelrecommenderMasterCard TravelRecommender Description
155,987547epic_road_tripsExplore and learn more about the worlds most epic road trips published by Fodors Travel...
155,987547heardA gem that will let you listen to multiple blocking events simultaneously.