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156301-156320 of all 156,586 gems.
156,301184fluent-plugin-application-insights-freiheitFluentd output plugin for Azure Application Insights.
156,302183embulk-input-google_adwordsLoads records from Google Adwords.
156,302183google-guavaGuava is a set of core libraries that includes new collection types (such as multimap a...
156,302183hexagonAlgorithms and data structures for hexagon based maps
156,302183gruppoPostgreSQL Grouping Sets for ActiveRecord
156,306182sidekiq-metrics-adapter-bigqueryBigQuery adapter for sidekiq-metrics
156,306182abstract_baseAbstract Class pattern gem for Ruby
156,306182yunpian-captchaCaptcha Client for
156,306182jruby-async-profilerThis gem contains the sources and build scripts to build the async-profiler JVM plugin....
156,310181trackunitTrackUnit REST API
156,310181fluent-plugin-gelf-betterBuffered fluentd output plugin to GELF (Graylog2).
156,310181factom-rbA json-rpc client for the Factom protocol
156,313180dry-cliCommon framework to build command line interfaces with Ruby
156,313180validate_meAutomatically adds validations to ActiveRecord models that match your database constraints
156,313180rabbit-slide-znz-docker-meetup-kansai-5[Docker Meetup Kansai #5 (19.11)](でのLTの...
156,313180horror-movie-cliThis Ruby CLI Gem provides a listing of the Top 25 Horror Movies from the Rotten Tomato...
156,313180makasLibrary for building websites from a tree of Textile files. Cut your Textile into a ni...
156,318179number_to_arabic_wordnumber_to_arabic_word is gem which convert numeric number to arabic string upto 6 digits
156,318179ultra_polygonsClasses representing 2 dimensional polygons. Version 0.0.0 is still in development.
156,318179bitcoinaverage-rubyA simple Ruby wrapper for BitCoin Average API