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156321-156340 of all 160,630 gems.
156,319533OpalKellyProvides access to FrontPanel devices.
156,319533supcom2_replay_parserSupCom2ReplayParser - Gem for parsing replays of game Supreme Commander 2
156,319533css_color_contrastUtility to calculate the contrast ratio between 2 colors, for checking the level of con...
156,319533comidaCalculo de dieta adecuada y nutricionalmente equilibrada que contamine lo menos posible...
156,319533cocoapods-xzumbrellaA short description of cocoapods-xzumbrella.
156,319533gitlab_reportsConfigurable Reports Generator for Gitlab API data.
156,319533ruby-calendarificOfficial Ruby library for Calendarific Global Holiday API -
156,319533marquetaFor Use of marqueta api
156,319533ExerciseAdviceThis gem takes the weight status of the user whether if he or she is underweight, norma...
156,319533omniauth-pinterest2Pinterest OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth
156,319533deepselectProvides a method to retrieve the image most similar to the specified image from the ar...
156,319533bool_atConvert datetime to boolean in ActiveRecord.
156,319533laag-xzLibrary as a Gem - xz
156,319533gol_chidoYou can waste time looking how all the cells moves in the matrix, it's kind a fun
156,319533cruzAtGames License Service is a DRM key management
156,319533GemTobeAddedsome new gem
156,319533reinarbEither used as GitHub bot or a CLI tool, reina performs setup and deployment of your ap...
156,319533isallergicGem that provide information about alternative medication for patient with allergies
156,319533string_exampleUseless string helpers
156,319533jjdhfjksdfhkjsdhfkjSimple calculator API hosted on APIMATIC