Total Downloads Ranking

Most downloads over all time
156321-156340 of all 156,586 gems.
156,321178rubocop-iknowRubocop Configuration used with iKnow Projects
156,321178activerecord-implicit-orderImplicit Order for ActiveRecord
156,323177ftl-serializerFTL (Faster Than Light) is a ruby serializer that is optimized for simplicity and speed.
156,323177devdiary-devkitInstrumentation for DevDiary
156,323177workarea-accordionsAdds a JS module that inits jQuery UI accordions where specified
156,323177easydb_ioAn ephemeral database provider
156,323177procedureMariage of policy object and interactor patterns
156,323177automailA simple hello world gem
156,329176gladwordsAdWords support for ROM.rb
156,329176jekyll-shell-themeA Jekyll Theme that looks like a shell
156,329176test-alexTest gem
156,329176rspec-htmlHTML document abstraction and matchers for RSpec
156,329176cfb_apiA Ruby client for
156,329176camerataA serializer for JSONAPI included with a host of decoupled tools for fast and flexible ...
156,329176hash-mapperMap a Ruby hash into another Ruby hash..
156,329176rb-fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logsCloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd with memory profiling
156,337175tinker-for-jekyllTinker for Jekyll is a layout with minimal styling and a flex-based grid system
156,337175alex_deployTesting of rubygems
156,339174MatcherA library to match students with tutors on the bookatutor application
156,340173AnnieNumbersSome stuff with numbers