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160361-160380 of all 160,662 gems.
160,358188sortablejs-railsA gem that provides the SortableJS library to Rails's asset pipeline.
160,362187fastlane-plugin-bitrise_automationTrigger builds on Bitrise, check their status and download artifacts using Fastlane
160,362187omniauth-eauth-oauth2-ensOfficial OmniAuth strategy for Eauth.
160,362187stimulus_reflex_testingAn environment and set of helpers for testing StimulusReflex.
160,362187rubocop-inspecstyleInSpecStyle allows InSpec developers to write code with predictable styling and in a se...
160,366186ruby_routes_trieRubyRoutesTrie - Simple gem for create trie routes
160,366186search_autocompleteSearch and autocomplete based on Arel and WebComponents.
160,366186jekyll-base64-filterA filter for encoding url paths
160,369185kuby-eksAmazon EKS provider for Kuby.
160,369185forcastFORCAST Desarrollo Tecnológico
160,369185ydateA subclass of Object includes Comparable module for handling dates.
160,369185fluent-plugin-tcp_socket_clientInput plugin for Fluent, reads from TCP socket
160,373184solidus_contentManage your Solidus content sources
160,373184xcpretty-custom-print-formatterFormatter for xcpretty customized to provide pretty custom output
160,373184no_s_d_kA really badly documented SDK born from the fact that SDK user doesn't read documentati...
160,373184gerador_nfeGerador e validador de cahves nfe
160,377183tax_calculatorThis gem provides an easy way to estimate how much income tax you owe in a given year. ...
160,377183ttokenttoken is a command line utility to generate time based token/otp.
160,377183nfe_generatorGerador e validador de cahves nfe
160,377183level_segmentSegment events for Level.