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160961-160980 of all 161,031 gems.
160,959110activeadmin-async_exporterAsync exporter for Active Admin using ActiveJob
160,959110omniauth-getdata-ioA GetDataIO OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x. This allows you to login to GetDataIO wit...
160,959110todo_agentSearch for specific keywords in the codebase and create tickets in the tracker
160,959110ruby-overloadMethod overload behavior for Ruby.
160,959110customers_mail_cloudRuby library for Customers Mail Cloud. Customers Mail Cloud is email sending service pr...
160,959110smart_schemaSchema Object
160,967109is_authorizedSimple authorization for Ruby on Rails.
160,967109jalrax_view_toolProvides generated HTML data for Rails application.
160,967109idr_cloud_clientConvert PDF to HTML5, SVG, or image with Ruby, using the IDR Cloud Client to interact w...
160,967109huginn_elks46_mms_agentSend MMS from Huginn using 46elks.
160,967109capistrano3-sshCapistrano3, ssh to server.
160,967109forem_liteA minimal API wrapper to retrieve Forem articles.
160,974108cocoapods-reopenA short description of cocoapods-reopen.
160,974108simple_email_previewA Rails Engine to preview plain text and html email in your browser
160,974108hcaptchaRuby helpers for hCaptcha
160,974108youframeiframe tag generator for YouTube video url
160,978107semantic_logger_journaldPlugin for semantic_logger that adds appender to send logs into journald. It depends on...
160,978107huginn_elks46_phone_call_agentMake phone calls with various features from Huginn using
160,978107gpt3An unofficial wrapper for using the GPT-3 Sandbox API in Ruby.