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160981-161000 of all 161,031 gems.
160,981106bletchleyAdds cryptographic functions to many Ruby core classes.
160,981106pptx2mediasExtracts media files (images, videos, sounds) from a PPTX file.
160,981106oas_requestA simple OAS request generator
160,981106days_of_marchPandemics are weird
160,981106ruby_executorsService objects gem
160,987105jekyll-theme-editorialEditorial is a blog/magazine-ish template.
160,987105rails_engine_testDescription of RailsEngineTest.
160,987105lailsA simple rack-based web framework
160,992104latexmathConverts LaTeX math into MathML.
160,992104researcher-oroquesA single column, monospace, resume template for Jekyll.
160,992104oas-requestA simple OAS request generator
160,997103jekyll-theme-docsifyJust another documentation theme compatible with GitHub Pages, based on docsify
160,997103surprisecaseThe gem is for testing purpose has no purpose.
160,99994api-exporterAPI exporter that is easy to understand, extend and use.
160,99994tankersdkRuby bindings for the Tanker SDK. Tanker is a platform as a service that allows you to ...