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162941-162960 of all 162,995 gems.
162,937102terraspace_plugin_alicloudTerraspace Provider
162,937102terraform-bundlerThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
162,943101snowpackerRails integration of Snowpack
162,944100fspecRuns RSpec suite multiple times to find flaky tests.
162,944100olympus-cameraOlympus Camera's API library
162,944100maprProvides a simple DSL to map one hash to another using YAML schemas
162,944100tmp_autocleanAutoclean Rails tmp directory
162,944100jchrest-chessExtends the jCHREST library with support for classification and interpretation of chess...
162,944100jchrestCHREST packaged for use with JRuby
162,95099mumuki-classroomTeacher tools for Mumuki
162,95099md_to_bbcodeProvides an API and an executable to convert Markdown text to BBCode format
162,95099olympus-camera-dlcli tool that download images from olympus camera
162,95099jekyll-theme-projectsCustom material theme to showcase projects
162,95498most_frequent_seqA Ruby Gem used for calculating a consensus (most frequent) DNA sequence from an array ...
162,95498action_dispatch_test_predicatesRestores response predicates removed from ActionDispatch::TestResponse in Rails 6
162,95498tomo-plugin-croncron tasks for tomo
162,95498arp-revolverTo switch mac address for static arp endpoint. This invokes arping command for hea...
162,95897silkey-sdkSilkey SDK for Ruby.
162,95897modsvaskrStronghold for mods acting like companions: The Modsvaskr
162,95897gemtextProduces a Gemtext::Document of Gemtext::Nodes from a Ruby IO