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162961-162980 of all 162,995 gems.
162,95897inflowInFlow Language
162,95897tinkoff_apiRuby wrapper for Tinkoff API
162,95897tallty_formTallty dynamic form definition
162,96496bostaThis gem simplifies the integration process with Bosta. create, update and track your...
162,96496tinkoff_investRuby wrapper for Tinkoff Invest API
162,96496spree_group_buySpree group buy extension
162,96496jurnal_apiRuby wrapper for the Jurnal API.
162,96895itax_codeEncode and decode Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale).
162,96895dvdvrconvThis tool converts "vor" file on DVD-VR format disc to "vob" files.
162,96895intumIntum Ruby Api gem
162,96895ractor-supervisorSupervisors for Ractor.
162,97294season-formatsseason-formats - read / parse and print seasons (using an academic or calendar year
162,97294spaderSpader provides a framework for building WebExtensions, making it easy to target multip...
162,97493tracecontrollerThis Rake task investigates the application's controller, then tells you missing callbacks
162,97592instance_storeRuby instance containerization library, providing tools \ for preinitialization and man...
162,97688quackerQuacks when it is raining in Seoul.
162,97786devops_helperDevOps Helper to assist in DevOps operation
162,97885YouBankA simple banking application that allows users to transfer, withdraw and deposit funds
162,97983terraforceThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
162,97983spaceforceThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.