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165781-165800 of all 165,912 gems.
165,777163rakieRakie is lucky and lucky
165,782162fdticketDescription of Fdticket.
165,782162dannugjr_view_toolProvides generated Html data for Rails applications.
165,782162little_snifferAnalyze HTTP Requests
165,785161love_letter_applicationRuns the application
165,785161google-cloud-gke_hubThe GKE Hub API centrally manages features and services on all your Kubernetes clusters...
165,785161warlockAllows to add C source file to the IAR project ewp file from command line
165,788160google-cloud-metastoreDataproc Metastore is a fully managed, highly available within a region, autohealing se...
165,788160tscheckIf you are making a Ruby API that is consumed by a TypeScript client, and you would lik...
165,790159spicy_validationSpicyValidation overwrite model file that user would like to generate validation.
165,790159lullA simple wrapper for rest-client
165,790159ruby-abaRuby gem for generating ABA/Cemtex payment files.
165,790159native_btreeBindings to GTree data stucture from libglib-2.0
165,794157repunitYou can easily generate Repunit with this library.
165,795156google-apis-documentai_v1This is the simple REST client for Cloud Document AI API V1. Simple REST clients are Ru...
165,796154kageuchiWeb application server
165,796154bundler_ignore_universalIgnore 'universal' gems that probably don't work on M1 Macs
165,798153voicemeeter_api_rubyA wrapper for Voicemeeter virtual mixer API in Ruby
165,799151arcanafile/libmagic based mime sniffing in pure Ruby
165,799151xeroizer-3-pre-betaDo not use this forked gem. Fork of Ruby library for the Xero accounting API. Do not us...