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165761-165780 of all 165,912 gems.
165,761168vaccine-spotterThis gem will notify you when COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available matching cert...
165,761168streamdeck_profA utility for managing Elgato Streamdeck profiles
165,764167console_creepSupervised Rails console.
165,764167custom_eventDescription of CustomEvent.
165,766166lexicon-cliBasic Cli for the Lexicon
165,766166audit_loggableLog changes to your models
165,766166mine-shipperDuplicate comments in GitHub issues to Redmine
165,769165jpeng_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
165,769165fluent-plugin-bindfluentd plugin for bind log format.
165,771164fdimageDescription of Fdimage.
165,771164google-cloud-api_gatewayAPI Gateway enables you to provide secure access to your backend services through a wel...
165,771164cratesCollect cryptocurrency prices for any fiat currency. Print colorized output (or not), s...
165,771164bootstrap5-tagsinput-railsBootstrap 5 compatible bootstrap-tagsinput-rails
165,771164kubes_azureKubes Azure Helpers Library
165,771164spree_tradebyteThis integration connects your spree shop to the tradebyte platform
165,777163sequel-tstzrange-fieldsGem for enabling time ranges when working with postgres
165,777163fdcartDescription of Fdcart.
165,777163rate_limiter_engineRate Limiter for Rails APIs
165,777163itamae-aws-parameterstoreData Bag from AWS ParameterStore for itamae