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Most downloads over all time
167281-167300 of all 167,976 gems.
167,267403sortiriSortiri is a clean and lightweight solution for making ActiveRecord::Base objects sorta...
167,267403turbo-authAuthentication for Turbo.
167,267403pry-rails-diff-routesA Pry plugin to see the difference you made to Rails routes
167,284402enumdateEnumerator for recurring dates.
167,284402purteaImports TEA fights from FF Logs to Google Sheets
167,284402hammySome Ruby utils and fun.
167,284402grandioriteA simple hello world gem
167,284402rails_custom_loggingReplace Rails' verbose logs with anything you like, from one-liner keys/values to even ...
167,284402surenotify_railsAn adapter for using Surenotify with Rails and Action Mailer
167,284402hot_pepperAPI Client for hot pepper
167,284402pdftocsvParsing PDF files to the CSV format
167,284402rails_encrypted_diffDiff rails encrypted credentials store between git commits.
167,284402theme-3A beautiful, minimal theme for Jekyll.
167,284402view_tool_copyrightJust add one line to your homepage
167,284402the_where_prea demo that practice to create a gem
167,284402nithya_palindromeLearn Enough Ruby palindrome detector
167,298401note_takerA Note taking gem
167,298401higher_order_functionsHigher-order functions
167,298401eyeconPut your app icon in the google play search. Is it easy to find?