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168341-168360 of all 168,493 gems.
168,340196hypofriend_offersThis Gem helps you to get all new offers by Hypofriend.
168,340196moca_rlibsA toolset for ruby and rails.
168,343194capistrano-asg-rollingCapistrano plugin for performing rolling updates to AWS Auto Scaling Groups using Insta...
168,343194radisRedis ORM
168,343194multi_renderOnce you provide to a MultiRenderer instance the data it needs in each partial you are ...
168,346193unity-dynamodb-attribute-deserializerAWS DynamoDB - Attribute Deserializer
168,347192google-apis-networkconnectivity_v1This is the simple REST client for Network Connectivity API V1. Simple REST clients are...
168,348191distributed_jobKeep track of distributed jobs spanning multiple workers using redis
168,348191natvis-joinA CLI gem to join multiple .natvis files into one
168,350190use_casesA DSL to encapsulate your domain logic.
168,350190documberInternal helper to generate documentation from ruby cucumber
168,352188google-cloud-commonCommon protocol buffer types used by Google Cloud APIs
168,353186abstract_finderGem to simplify AR queries, it executes query and includes relations.
168,353186car_addCar info save app
168,355185dorian-yaml-compareCompares keys of two YAML files, typically locales files in a Ruby on Rails application...
168,355185fog-libvirt-csemThis library can be used as a module for 'fog' or as standalone libvirt provider.
168,357184dorian-sort-yamlSorts keys of hashes of YAML files e.g. `sort-yaml config/locales/*`
168,357184dorian-sort-jsonSorts keys of hashes of JSON files e.g. `sort-json package.json`
168,357184rubloxThis gem allows easy interaction with the Roblox web API via class models.
168,360183carinfosaverCar info save app