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169821-169840 of all 169,998 gems.
169,821213ecko-plugins-sponsorAdds mastodon functionality to donate to an instance and sponsorship tags
169,821213jmaThis repository contains a gem for the Japan Meteorological Agency (気象庁) for searching ...
169,823212ruboconfOpinionated Rubocop configuration for personal projects.
169,823212effective_classifiedsUsers submit classified ads for job openings and equipment sales
169,825210cocoapods-bin-cacheA patch for cocoapods-binary by which you can cache prebuild binaries in a local path s...
169,825210fastlane-plugin-firebase_management_apiUnofficial tool to access Firebase project settings
169,825210trestle-resource_helpersAdd helpers for Trestle resources
169,825210ecko-plugins-stripeMastodon stripe plugin, extendable to ecko-plugins sdk
169,825210meshnameGem, which provides conversion and DNS resolution functions for the Meshname protocol (...
169,830209studio_game_dylan_attal## Studio Game Demo App I made this app following along with The Pragmatic Studio's Ru...
169,830209logstash-filter-alkivi_pricesParse CRD to add cost and prices.
169,832208kacademicAcademic is a Jekyll theme with a focus on simplicity, typography and flexibility.
169,832208iracing_apiA Ruby Client for the IRacing API
169,834206memoist3memoize methods invocation
169,834206line_loginLine Login 2.1 Client for Ruby
169,836205primer_form_builderBuild forms with Primer markup using Rails form builders.
169,836205local_ip_checkerSimple gem to check if provided URL is mapped to local IP address
169,836205minitest-stackprofitA minitest plugin that runs your tests and outputs a stackprof profile. This lets you q...
169,839204minibarsMinibars is a stripped down implmentation of Handlerbars using MiniRacer. It eschews ca...
169,840202bipm-data-importerImporter for BIPM CGPM and CIPM content