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169841-169860 of all 169,998 gems.
169,840202ydlYdl provides a way to supply a ruby app with initialized objects by allowing the user t...
169,840202tiny_dbThe purpose of this gem is provide a very simple solution for storing records locally i...
169,843200is_this_usedProvides a system to track method usage somewhat unobtrusively.
169,844199ngrok-wrapperNgrok-wrapper gem is a ruby wrapper for ngrok2
169,844199rspec_all_record_validator_after_system_specvalidate all objects at end of system spec
169,846198ionoscloud-dbaas-postgresAn enterprise-grade Database is provided as a Service (DBaaS) solution that can be mana...
169,846198heyterminalThis is just another tool for running command lines from the terminal. I was inspired b...
169,848197bl1ndy_palindromePalindrome detector
169,848197snakesSnakes game power by Ruby.
169,848197goruConcurrent routines for Ruby.
169,851196oolivera-studio_game# The Pragmatic Studio ## Ruby Programming Course ### Studio Game A game oriented pr...
169,851196vagrant-qemuEnables Vagrant to manage machines with QEMU.
169,851196mimocoSome testing for models and controllers
169,854195elasticsearch-model-queryableActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch.
169,855194ruby-polylabelA ruby port of Mapbox's polylabel algorithm
169,855194fastlane-plugin-open_folderopen a path with finder
169,855194jekyll-theme-notaA theme for my blog.
169,858193glimmer-cp-cylinderCylinder - Glimmer DSL for SWT Custom Shape
169,858193chronos_timecalculatorGem to calculate times between two dates based on working ours and days
169,860192ruby2d-rpeck-windowsMake cross-platform 2D applications in Ruby (changed version RPECK 08/01/2022)