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171501-171520 of all 171,697 gems.
171,501195polkastarter-lotteryWhen in doubt, tell the truth. -- Mark Twain
171,502193rciqRelay club data connector
171,502193bp_netA sipmle BP Neural Network gem
171,502193DealMakerAPIA ruby wrapper for the DealMaker API
171,505192delete_derived_dataSearch all DerivedData folders and moves files or folders to the trash. Empty the trash...
171,505192rudachi-rbA Ruby wrapper for Sudachi.
171,505192buntumixerThis project is developing tools to customize ubuntu
171,508191forget-passwordsThis little module (and attendant command line tool and rackup app) exists for the purp...
171,509190ikuya_palindrome%q{Learn Enough Ruby palindrome detector}
171,509190domain-jekyllJekyll theme for building a personal knowledge repository and blog.
171,511189jekyll_draftThis Jekyll filter detects draft documents.
171,511189huginn_twitch_agentWrite a longer description or delete this line.
171,513188prefixed_api_keyA Ruby implementation of
171,513188huginn_mastodon_publish_agentWrite a longer description or delete this line.
171,515186pokeapi_clientNo description provided (generated by Openapi Generator
171,515186tempo-ruby🚀 Ruby Tempo Client
171,517185wheewhee is a command-line program to accelerate the GradleRIO deploy process used in the ...
171,517185hola-fbdtest-testA simple hello world gem
171,519184sigma_rbRuby bindings for the Ergo-Lib crate of Sigma-Rust. Specifically for chain types and ab...
171,519184mygem-dcglMy gem