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172121-172140 of all 172,249 gems.
172,119173rsg-themeA theme ready to use for The RSG lessons.
172,119173unhandled_exception_formatterCustom RSpec formatter to output unhandled exception.
172,119173uber_taskLonger description or delete this line.
172,125172mailtoUse email for customer communications.
172,127171hola_idealatomA simple hello world gem
172,131169arkanaStore your keys and secrets away from your source code. Designed for Android and iOS pr...
172,132168nokogiri-html-extExtend Nokogiri with several useful HTML-centric features.
172,132168lingerProvide Devise-style authentication helpers for StimulusReflex
172,132168whatsapp-ruby-sdkWelcome to the WhatsApp API from Meta. Individual developers and existing Business Ser...
172,132168alloy_sdkRun Alloy workflows from a ruby server.
172,136167hanna_guadoA supply chain attack test. This is a package which has no malicious code in it, howeve...
172,136167slack-ruby-progress-barSlack progress bars for Ruby.
172,138166gen_serverA GenServer implemented with Ruby Ractors
172,138166crossbeamAn easy way to create and run service objects with callbacks, validations, errors, and ...
172,140165cersA Ruby interface for searching parties in roles in one or more companies