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172141-172160 of all 172,249 gems.
172,140165ulsHandles the parsing of the FCC ULS databases.
172,142164amzn_sp_apiAutomatically generated by running Swagger Codegen on each model from
172,143163waylon-db2docsA Waylon Skill for looking up IBM Db2 Documentation
172,143163eve_pasteParser for EVE Online paste formats
172,143163razorrisk-core-diagnosticsRazor Risk's Core Services' Diagnostics library
172,143163k_rails_templateNew Rails 7 application template
172,148162bonio-facebookbusinessThe official Facebook Business API SDK for Ruby.
172,148162srmsA simple greeting gem
172,148162merriam_webster_plusEasily get word definitions, synonyms/antonyms, usage examples, audio pronunciations, a...
172,148162featureomaticFeatures can get really complicated when you have to cascade them from global, account,...
172,152161yard_game## YardGame A simple game app created with ruby. ## Table of Contents * [General info]...
172,152161restful-userprofilesRazor Risk's Cassini Web-framework's UserProfiles RESTful microservice
172,152161restful-snapshotsRazor Risk's Cassini Web-framework's Snapshots RESTful microservice
172,152161restful-rpd-navigationRazor Risk's Cassini Web-framework's RiskPointData-Navigation RESTful microservice
172,152161razorrisk-razor-controlSupport library for controlling razor testing environments.
172,152161razorrisk-razor-connectivity-testdoublesRazor Risk's Cassini Web-framework's Initialisation Daemon
172,152161razorrisk-cassini-commonCassini Web Service framework for Razor Risk Razor system
172,159160services-clientedgeserviceRazor Risk's Cassini Web-framework's Client Edge Service
172,159160restful-tradesRazor Risk's Cassini Web-framework's Trades RESTful microservice