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172241-172260 of all 172,883 gems.
172,241380bestlinerBestliner is a Ruby wrapper around bestline, a C library for interactive pseudoteletype...
172,241380dutData Update Tool facilitates efficient bulk-updating of data in Ruby applications
172,241380callable_operationSimple mixin for callable operations.
172,241380verdrails-erd + echarts + iview
172,245379relax2A quick and dirty HTTP API client factory for Ruby
172,245379ronanronan is a client library for accessing conan servers, written in pure ruby. It is not ...
172,247378mchatIRC like chat client power by ruby
172,247378sentry-user_informershow link to errors on exception page
172,247378vuesfc2jsExtract script part from Vue SFC and convert to JavaScript.
172,247378large_csv_readerLarge CSV builder and proccesor, it can help with creation of large csv files, reading ...
172,247378google_geo_jpProvides google geocoding without the need for coding.
172,247378zaea handy runner of distributions packages manager commands
172,253377ts_helperGenerate TypeScript interfaces from Active Record models.
172,254376in-time-rubyRuby client for InTime API
172,254376huginn_harvestFetch resources from harvest.
172,256375specinfra_termuxSpecinfra extension for Termux terminal
172,257374protocallA simple framework for building functional classes in Ruby
172,257374html2slideshowCreates a html/javaScript-slideshow from html-source or image-files.
172,257374ohheA simple hello dhaka gem
172,257374hello123A simple hello world gem