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172261-172280 of all 172,883 gems.
172,257374sublinitSublime Text CLI for new projects initialization
172,257374studio_game_lubatonThis is a game where you can add players, find treasures, gain and lose health, and col...
172,257374reverses-themeJekyll theme for Reverses.
172,264373unicode_converterLigature the muddy and semi-muddy marks
172,264373palindrome_gem_zfLearn Enough Ruby: palindrome detector gem
172,264373syntax_tree-bfSyntax Tree support for Brainf***
172,264373whatsapp-apiA wrapper around whatsapp business API
172,268372iugu-api-sdkIugu API
172,268372ip_geolocationDon't use it for evil :)
172,268372cmdtabsToolset to merge, colapse tables rename field contents, etc
172,268372regexingDialogueally ask questions and answer
172,272371danger-gfsm_commit_trailerDanger plugin to add on projects using GFSM in order to make sure each MR creates a CHA...
172,272371tipstyGenerate tip values based on number of inputs
172,274370yaml-ldYAML_LD parses and serializes YAML-LD into RDF and implements expansion, compaction and...
172,274370fastlane-plugin-update_associated_domainsThis plugin changes the associated domains in the entitlements file
172,276369attribute_memoizationPatch attr_reader to provide attribute memoization.
172,276369ruby_playa longer description
172,276369syntax_tree-xmlSyntax Tree support for XML
172,276369lowriderLowcode development kit
172,276369spring-commands-erb_linterblint command for spring