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173261-173280 of all 173,388 gems.
173,261152sinatra-jwtSimple package to handle jwt auth in Sinatra
173,261152shoulda-matchers-viewcomponentShoulda matchers extension for ViewComponent
173,261152solidus_pagySolidus extension using Pagy pagination.
173,261152gem_to_mgemConvert gem to mgem
173,265151rbs-dynamicdynamic rbs generator
173,265151embulk-filter-mysql_testMysql Test
173,265151algerography58 Wilayas. 548 Dairas. Support both Arabic and French languages. This project was insp...
173,265151schwad_hello_worlde a longer description or delete this line.
173,270150qwackQwack is an extensible, lightweight DLS to dynamically verify and mock scalar types...
173,270150embulk-filter-csv_lookupCsv Lookup Filter
173,270150act_with_booleansHandles booleans packed in an integer
173,274149coindcx-ruby-clientWrite a longer description or delete this line.
173,274149where_streetsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
173,274149chime-cohortThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
173,277148firetailAPI security library that is designed for ruby
173,277148sowprog-api-rubySowProg Api Ruby
173,277148siwe_railsCustom Rails Engine to server local pages for SIWE
173,277148app_identityAppIdentity is a Ruby implementation of the Kinetic Commerce application identity proof...