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173281-173300 of all 178,185 gems.
173,2811,177ka-ching-clientThis gem is a client for the ka-ching API.
173,2811, SMS driver for Stealth.
173,2811,177sekidome_palinRebuild of palindrome detector. Educational usage.
173,2811,177cisco_node_utils_mgxUtilities for management of Cisco network nodes. Designed to work with Puppet and Chef....
173,2811,177tool_versionA utility gem to fetch recent versions from your git repos
173,2861,176css_inline`css_inline` inlines CSS into HTML documents, using components from Mozilla's Servo pro...
173,2861,176vcpkg_pipeline为 vcpkg 开发设计的集项目构建、发布为一体的强大工具
173,2861,176michieMichie allows you to memoize methods simply by defining them in a block.
173,2861,176trokkoThe `trokko` command prepares the specified `Gemfile` template. It will prepare a `Dock...
173,2901,175rabbit-slide-komainu8-yapc-kyoto-2023MySQLのデータを全文検索したいときの良くあるアプローチは以下の3つがありますが、それぞれ課題があります。 1. MySQLのデフォルトのストレージエンジンInnoDBの...
173,2901,175logsnagRuby Library for sending LogSnag events
173,2901,175sinopeDescription of Sinope.
173,2931,174bonjour_frA simple bonjour gem (fr)
173,2931,174coinbase-custody-rubyRuby coinbase custody APIs wrapper
173,2961,173twitter_railsA Twitter API gem with OAuth 2.0 authorization (not ready for production)
173,2961,173pmeterGet sytem info such as CPU, RAM and SWAP usage.
173,2991,172memori-clientMemori Client to interact with Memori backend and engine API
173,2991,172chevreux_view_toolProvides generated HTML data fro Rails applications.