Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
140461-140480 of all 143,452 gems.
59,2050editable_areasRenders text or an editor anywhere in your rails 4 application
59,2050csv_madnessCSV Madness removes what little pain is left from Ruby's CSV class. Load a CSV file, a...
59,2050cancan-2Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permiss...
59,2050bottlesShared libraries for runtime and deployment packaging of .Net
59,2050wwwtfWorld Wide Web's Trolls and Flaws giving varied Trolls & Flaws analyzing the BAD WWW ar...
59,2050wheelhouse-adminAdmin back-end component for Wheelhouse CMS.
59,2050vikingModernized gem version of the Viking plugin
59,2050videoregVideo Registration scripts. Allows to register continuously
59,2050twitter-knifeTwitter-knife is a really simple twitter v1.1 API client. It only provides get and post...
59,2050tam_tamParse, filter, and analyze logs from online chat clients.
59,2050spreefinery_themesThemes Engine for RefineryCMS + Spree E-Commerce
59,2050shopscanA simple demo api for scanning/totaling products
59,2050redirect_backofficeBackoffice for redirect_engine gem
59,2050pagifyioPagify client for ruby
59,2050omniauth-piratenloginOmniAuth strategy for PiratenLogin.de (OAuth2)
59,2050omniauth-immobilienscout24OmniAuth strategy for ImmobilienScout24
59,2050thin_uploadthin_upload provides upload progress measuring functionality for thin ruby server, prog...
59,2050raxLift heavy things inside your Rackspace
59,2050full_titleA simple gem for creating titles in HTML