Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
140461-140480 of all 147,133 gems.
45,5550taobao_apiThe taobao_api GemPlugin
45,5550suckaRemoves the need to endlessly type sucka in your stings
45,5550streamy_csvStreamy CSV lets you stream live generated CSV files
45,5550pry-disasmPry-disasm is a pry plugin that displays YARV bytecode for a method in a nice colorized...
45,5550petfinder_clientWrapper for Petfinder API
45,5550kannel_railsKannel integration for Rails
45,5550jelder_cloudfront-invalidatorRuby library and command line utility included.
45,5550hosemonkeyWrite a gem description
45,5550hola_vanA simple hello world gem(van version).
45,5550has_redis_feedA simple gem for adding an activity feed to an ActiveRecord object
45,5550hashshashinConvenient recursive methods to extend Ruby's built-in Hash.
45,5550gflocatora daemon for providing responses to queries against file locations of GlusterFS
45,5550fixieA standalone library for managing test fixture data
45,5550extractifyextract grouped data from XML or HTML
45,5550escape_to_rubyconfGame built for Writing Games with Ruby presentation at RubyConf 2010.
45,5550db-query-helperdb_connector the easy way
45,5550cinch-urbandictCinch Plugin to fetch definition data from Urban Dictionary
45,5550barmcakesJust really stuff that I cobbled together that I use. You probably don't want this.
45,5550whenCurrently very incomplete
45,5550waiting_on_railsBored of waiting on "rails server"? No more! This gem plays some nice elevator musi...