Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
140461-140480 of all 145,532 gems.
30,5720ChizuruTwitter bot framework
30,5720candle_dataA class for handling candlestick chart data
30,5720better_robotsBetter SEO with robots.txt
30,5720amoeba-js-railsAmoeba.js is a lightweight JS framework designed to work with Rails (but potentially an...
30,5720xmp_fixedExtensible Metadata Platform (XMP) parser
30,5720xmastreeXmas tree
30,5720tweet-wordsThis is the gem to sort and print the words in a given twitter user’s last 'n' tweets s...
30,5720tr_resqueResque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those j...
30,5720tailsThis gem provides a simple and easy MVC framework for use with our command line (termin...
30,5720stocktrade-money-railsThis library provides integration of RubyMoney - Money gem with Rails - StockTrade Special
30,5720puppeteerPuppeteer is there to ease out Puppet-izing the infrastructure. Automate the automation...
30,5720proxifyCreate a proxy for any object.
30,5720open_tradeAll required message definitions, base classes, and some platform-agnostic tools.
30,5720omf_reteTuple store with query and filter functionality.
30,5720octomineRedmine plugin for import issues from GitHub
30,5720mdpMajordomo - A Ruby binding for libmdp (Majordomo implementation in C)
30,5720json-colorizerTool for pretty printing json as log
30,5720hockeyGraphing key metrics to hit hockey stick growth
30,5720glfw3GLFW 3 bindings for Ruby 2.x
30,5720furterHigher-level abstraction around iOS drivers