Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
150681-150700 of all 151,027 gems.
32,6860grocer-pushpackagerBuilds push packages for OS X Mavericks web notifications
32,6860ember-magic-tableUses ember-table. Makes all the properties editable. Is awesome(ish)
32,6860validate_as_seo_tagValidate SEO-tag format
32,6860vagrant-shipExport a Vagrant box as an OVF.
32,6860rubynasThe ruby based nas system
32,6860jmtkA music library and domain-specific language for generating music via MIDI.
32,6860instedd-bootstrapInSTEDD Bootstrap is a mountable engine based on bootstrap-sass which provides a Bootst...
32,6860db_attrGenerate "WHERE" SQL conditions in a ruby way
32,6860concordia-publishing-house-syckA gemified version of Syck from Ruby's stdlib. Syck has been removed from Ruby's stdli...
32,6860bananasplitA split testing framework for Rails 3.x.x
32,6860sinatra-sextantA fancy DSL for Sinatra routing
32,6860permissionerA Ruby on Rails authorization gem
32,6860opal-eventableEventable module for Opal
32,6860heroku-log-parserEasily parse Heroku's syslog-based application log-stream
32,6860flat2treeTransform flat list into (reverse) dependency tree
32,6860do_sqlserver-tinytdsImplements the DataObjects API for Microsoft SQL Server using TinyTDS
32,6860dates2svgGenerate a SVG month grid w/ heatmap based on array of dates.
32,6860spiderwebThis gem lets you detect wether the incoming request comes from a spider
32,6860rtatoebaTiny gem to get sample sentences from tatoeba.org