Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151941-151960 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811env_http_proxyuse ENV['http_proxy'] for Net::HTTP
140,0811form_modelA Library to create Form objects to encapsulate forms
140,0811destroyed_record_collectorGem for collecting the deleted record for ActiveRecord to a new table named as (origina...
140,0811coderwall_rubySimple wrapper around Coderwall User API
140,0811icloud-readerGet your CalDAV and CardDAV urls from iCloud
140,0811flight-railsFlight: an event driven component framework
140,0811evilmarty_activity_streamA Gem for the plugin: https://github.com/evilmarty/activity_stream
140,0811eulers_day_offScores Euler's Day Off boards
140,0811enju_trunk_illto do InterLibraryLoan
140,0811drapesDrapes is a super-simple theme engine for rails.
140,0811jorgchart-railsjOrgChart for Rails 3 asset pipeline
140,0811gh_contributorsUpdate static files with github contributors list.
140,0811kvmKuali Version Manager
140,0811data_packagerPackaging data to send through sockets
140,0811data_structuresData Structures that I decided to implement.
140,0811color-tailUse it like tail -f to watch a group of files, but with added color codes
140,0811ember-big_projectConfigure Rails assets structure for a big Ember project
140,0811kml_polygonGenerate KML polygons (circle, star etc.) from lat/long and radius ...
140,0811jekyll-cdnJekyll CDN support smooth as butter