Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
151921-151940 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811coordinateCoordination library for distributed applications.
140,0811friendlyfashion-parallel_testsRun Test::Unit / RSpec / Cucumber in parallel
140,0811du-passifierGenerate Apple Passbook passes in Ruby
140,0811dmonMakes for easy process management across rubies and OSes
140,0811conflate-railsLoad YAML files in your config directory into the Rails.application.config.
140,0811gl-matrixA gem to automate using gl-matrix with Rails 3
140,0811fixed-vagrantVagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.
140,0811faraday_body_loggerFaraday middleware that logs the request and response body
140,0811example_gemAn example of a Ruboto-specific RubyGem
140,0811filencRuby OpenSSL File Encrypt/Decrypt wrapper
140,0811github-commit-mailergem for pulling changes from a github repository and send mail with differences
140,0811devise-warblerDevise that should work with jRuby Warbler compiled.
140,0811irrGem for working with irr service
140,0811gazelleWrapper around what.cd Gazelle API
140,0811fanA small password application
140,0811curly-libA thin libcurl wrapper for ruby with a similar interface to Ty...
140,0811idoAllows you to follow the git-flow with auto adding time tracking to your harvest account
140,0811easy-bootstrapAbletech's version of Twitter Bootstrap
140,0811guard-copy2A Guard plugin to watch and copy files