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Most downloads last day.
152501-152520 of all 154,241 gems.
110,1664sweet_portfolioSweet Portfolio is an image gallery engine with nice frontend capabilities for Rails 3....
110,1664simple_form_classAn implementation of the form class pattern, for controller use
110,1664rubysl-option_parserRuby Standard Library - option_parser
110,1664rubysl-iconvRuby standard library iconv.
110,1664RecipesCreate human readable test data generators
110,1664motion-blowAppStore submissions got you down?MotionBlow allows you to dump all you screens in hi-r...
110,1664mn_modelmodel for micro_notes
110,1664fs_browserrails 3 engine to create a modal window to browse the server file system
110,1664damselflyRails engine to add polymorphic file attachments leveraging dragonfly and counting refe...
110,1664custom-zurb-foundationZURB Foundation on Sass/Compass
110,1664tales_from_the_cryptIn development.
110,1664sizzlerA centralized server for your CSS assets.
110,1664rbuv-emEventMachine compatibility for rbuv
110,1664prawntocatPrint out your GitHub Issues!
110,1664openexchange_convertUsing convert currency with realtime openexchange data
110,1664mygem_tictactoeThis tictactoe is the best.
110,1664interfax19A ruby wrapper for the interfax webservice (SOAP). Just like the Interfax gem, except t...
110,1664horni am waiting to upload this
110,1664guardian-formsProtect web forms form spam.