Daily Downloads Ranking

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152501-152520 of all 152,721 gems.
140,0811gicodewarrior-gdataThis gem provides a set of wrappers designed to make it easy to work with the Google D...
140,0811ghost_dm-coreFaster, Better, Simpler.
140,0811cmfalloutRaises fallout exceptions based on an audit report
140,0811neo4j-jarsContains the jars found on http://neo4j.org/download/ Please check the license for thos...
140,0811cmreportHigher level reporting on cm data
140,0811jamiryoJamiryo ipsum generator, generate funny ipsums
140,0811interfax-rubyRuby wrapper based on savon for Interfax SOAP API
140,0811icecastA ruby interface to Icecast API
140,0811html_blocksGenerator for creating html-blocks functionality. So you can create blocks of html-code...
140,0811dotinhaA Simple Dota 2 Public API Parser
140,0811def_resourceDefines Rails Controllers as Resources to reduce boilerplate code
140,0811dbbuildTake somewhat structured data and puts it into a database
140,0811knife-cookbook-syncSync only what's changed -- faster than cookbook upload
140,0811klyhrd_studio_gameGame made while doing the Pragmatic Studio Ruby Course. w00T and blam!
140,0811jekyll-navigationNavigations for Jekyll-based sites. Twitter Bootstrap compatible.
140,0811hola_ttillotFirst Gem
140,0811grayscale_paperclip_processorGrayscale processor for Paperclip gem
140,0811ember-oauth2-railsUse Ember OAuth 2 in your Rails app