Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
142201-142220 of all 159,806 gems.
131,4620xmpushXiaoMi push Ruby Server SDK
131,4620ya_spellersimple spell checker using Yandex Speller (https://tech.yandex.ru/speller/doc)
131,4620yamltTake yaml structure from locale file and apply to another one
131,4620ziltoidThere are many software applications that aim to watch processes, and keep them alive a...
131,4620yt_utilA toolbox for Youtube.
131,4620yard-turnipThis plugin adds Turnip steps to YARD output.
131,4620yellowSaving this name for an upcoming project, feel free to contact me via email
131,4620wormholio(Under development) Wormholio provides simple Upload/Download functionality for all fil...
131,4620workflow-cliNo Description Yet
131,4620voteable_jacyThe first gem built by Jacy.
131,4620votable_henryThe best voting gem ever.
131,4620vidaGame of Life - emeve89 edition
131,4620vat_ratesVAT rates based on the ec.europa.eu website list. This gem parses information on the we...
131,4620vagrant-vmmThis provider will allow you to create VMs in the remote Virtual Machine Manager.
131,4620vagrant-saveExport boxes to a boxserver on a remote machine using HTTP/PUT
131,4620upvoteSimple upvoting done via redis
131,4620umbraTest and shadow your cloud infrastructure
131,4620ughUgh provides infrastructure for attributed error messages and for (re)attributing these...
131,4620two_factor_authTwoFactorAuth makes it easy to set up two-factor authentication for your users, whether...
131,4620turpleQuick Project Templating