Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
154641-154660 of all 158,021 gems.
50,3990parse_mePlain text file parser
50,3990oscilloModify and respond to signals, inspired by functional reactive programming
50,3990liuqidescription liuqi gem
50,3990leeroyLeeroy lets you quickly check the status of your jenkins builds from the commandline.
50,3990hello_barAnnouncement plugin to include 'hello bar' for Ruby on Rails. Based on paul_revere.
50,3990EnvJasmineEnvJasmine allows you to run headless JavaScript tests.
50,3990ueditor-railsSeamlessly integrates Ueditor into the Rails asset pipeline introduced in Rails 3.1.
50,3990tag_apidaeThis friendly Apidae gives you tags in your Rails app.
50,3990sshwitchManage different sets of keys in your home folder
50,3990spree_sort_productsSpree Sort Products extends the ability of a taxon on its products to be sorted from th...
50,3990split-mongoidA Mongoid Persistence Layer for Split
50,3990snoozeFor devops who run recurring jobs like rake tasks or bas scripts, Snooze.io is a noti...
50,3990rspec-englishModifies RSpec's description generator to produce more natural-sounding English.
50,3990recomiendoA Ruby wrapper for the Recomiendo API.
50,3990putio-cliA lightweight and simple Ruby interface to the Put.io cloud service API available at ht...
50,3990pdgAccessible Ruby API to PDG particle data tables.
50,3990orcaOrca is a super simple way to build and configure servers
50,3990netatalk-confignetatalk configuration using ruby
50,3990dpassDerive application specific passwords from secret master password using PBKDF2 in OpenSSL