Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
154641-154660 of all 154,800 gems.
44,6890jquery-table-js-railsAsset pipeline integration for https://github.com/geraldb/jquery.table.js
44,6890jquery-addresspicker-railsAssets for https://github.com/sgruhier/jquery-addresspicker
44,6890hola_hganevA simple hello world gem
44,6890hammerCLI tool to help building binaries using Heroku's anvil
44,6890d3-tip-railsThis gem provides D3 Tip for Rails 3.1+ via the Asset Pipeline.
44,6890wisper-asyncAdds async broadcasting of events to Wisper
44,6890string_to_large_numberHandy conversions for finance numbers to floats
44,6890rumba-crawlerWeb crawler with JSON-based DSL and EventMachine-powered page fetching
44,6890rightscale_provisionerEnables the provisioning of local VMs using RightScale
44,6890pretty_state_machineSimple DSL for state machine classes
44,6890pg_index_wherepg_index_where will provide unique index with WHERE statement on PostgreSQL with migrat...
44,6890omnidigA generalized framework for multiple-provider web mining based on activitystrea.ms JSON...
44,6890middleman-emberscriptEmber script support for middleman
44,6890fluent-plugin-tail-liteFluentd input plugin which read text files and emit each line as it is.
44,6890fartscroll-railsGem to automate use of the Onion's fartscroll.js using asset pipeline.
44,6890excel_parserThis is a very small helper gem that uses roo to convert excel files to a ruby array of...
44,6890elanceA gem for utilizing the Elance API
44,6890diffidentdiffident: To show modest reserve, a gem to create and manipulate text diffs. This gem ...
44,6890citrus-coreCitrus continous integration core components.
44,6890capistrano-progressAdds a new command run_with_progress which shows a table of all the servers which r...