Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
154661-154680 of all 158,021 gems.
50,3990balancirA client side HTTP load balancer.
50,3990yandex-webmasterRuby wrapper for Yandex.Webmaster API
50,3990useless-museumThe Museum of Whatever
50,3990trinidad_sqlite_dbpool_extensionAddon to support Sqlite database pools in Trinidad
50,3990tb-helpersTwitter-Bootstrap-Helpers -- Rails 3 View-Helpers for Twitter-Bootstrap
50,3990sinatra-argA very basic extension to Sinatra to return route arguments.
50,3990queue_classic_adminAn admin interface for QueueClassic
50,3990okcomputer-newrelic-ignoreIf you use Ok Computer for uptime checks and pings, use this to avoid it affecting New ...
50,3990multiroot_treeMultiroot_tree has some of the functions of a typical tree data structure. It can be us...
50,3990loaded_diceSimulates a loaded die with n sides. Perfect for non homogenous randomisation needs.
50,3990jst-parserA PDF parser for the Joint Service Transcript (JST), a standardized s...
50,3990hackletAn Open Source client for the Modlet (smart) outlet
50,3990deformDeform - Rails 4 form decorator
50,3990dassets-lessv1Dassets engine for compiling LESS CSS v1
50,3990comfypressComfyPress is a powerful Multisite CMS Engine for Ruby on Rails 3 applications that can...
50,3990ciqlA CQL-based Cassandra client for Ruby
50,3990bloopletech-rtagsThis is the original commit of the rtags source code as written by Keiju ISHITSUKA as p...
50,3990version_gemfileTool to add version to your Gemfile's gems.
50,3990ssickles-tireTire is a Ruby client for the ElasticSearch search engine/database. It provides Rub...
50,3990sharp_officeConvert office document to pdf and swf