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154661-154680 of all 154,800 gems.
44,6890trckA gem to communicate to backtrck
44,6890sparkieTools for working with electronics
44,6890rabbit-slide-znz-ruby200-regexp2.0.0 は正規表現エンジンが Onigmo になって機能が増えていますが、あまり情報がなかったので、調べてわかった範囲の内容を発表しました。
44,6890posty_cliPosty Command Line Tool
44,6890omniauth-emmaOmniauth strategy for Emma
44,6890link_shrinkShrink those long and nasty links into a shorter URL
44,6890lab419_streamsImplemention of streams in the classic sense where a stream is a head and a promise to ...
44,6890jruby-unboundid_ldap-jars["Bundled version of UnboundID LDAP SDK"]
44,6890gaqGaq is a lightweight gem for support of pushing static and dynamic data to the _gaq fro...
44,6890fosburyFosbury (http://www.fosbury.co) API client for Ruby. Fosbury is a platform to create an...
44,6890dirtMake best practices easy. Come play in the Dirt.
44,6890derenoDeployments release notes sent via email with Git commits / Pivotal Tracker stories and...
44,6890sudo_modeSudo mode for your devilish deeds.
44,6890scapeshiftMagic: The Gathering Oracle web scraper.
44,6890same_sameImplementation of ROCK and DBSCAN clustering algorithms
44,6890roomorama_apiRuby wrapper to call Roomorama API V1.0 at https://roomorama.com/api. For a step by ste...
44,6890riddlrest service interface definition, mixing, and evolution. supports mixed http and xmpp ...
44,6890railsgategem to interface with railsgate
44,6890giftwrapRubygem for creating thin wrappers around RESTful JSON APIs