Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
155781-155800 of all 155,910 gems.
41,8300argsArgument parsing for ruby
41,8300admin-helperThe server administrator helper. It has process manager, it also can kill processes fro...
41,8300sudo_modeSudo mode for your devilish deeds.
41,8300scapeshiftMagic: The Gathering Oracle web scraper.
41,8300same_sameImplementation of ROCK and DBSCAN clustering algorithms
41,8300roomorama_apiRuby wrapper to call Roomorama API V1.0 at https://roomorama.com/api. For a step by ste...
41,8300riddlrest service interface definition, mixing, and evolution. supports mixed http and xmpp ...
41,8300railsgategem to interface with railsgate
41,8300giftwrapRubygem for creating thin wrappers around RESTful JSON APIs
41,8300capi_bookRecipe book for capistrano
41,8300antant does some heavy lifting
41,8300adams-net-ldapNet::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for the Lightweight ...
41,8300texticlesOne stop shop for sending sms via email.
41,8300monitaMonitor background jobs in rails
41,8300database_cleaner-octopus_shardingDatabase Cleaner extension for Database Sharding
41,8300config_coreConfigCore provides super simple configuration solution.
41,8300bitcoin-addrgenDeterministic Bitcoin Address Generator.
41,8300airport_statusAPI client for the FAA Airport Status API
41,8300starburstpisaSimple gem to help with dates