Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
155781-155800 of all 159,806 gems.
131,4620test4requirementsAssign requirements to TestCases and Assertions to get an overview on them.
131,4620term-extractionProvides access to term extraction APIs such as Yahoo! Term Extraction API and Ze...
131,4620shakyoScript for sourcecode transcription
131,4620typesetterA rails engine used for authoring articles.
131,4620stricter_global_usageRaises exceptions or runtime warnings when calling methods whose arguments default to g...
131,4620storybergIdentify accounts and users then, track user events with Storyberg.
131,4620smulube-notifoA library for using Notifo. Notifo is a way for users to receive mobile notifications f...
131,4620skype_archiveskype archive client
131,4620sinatra-basicauthSimple basic auth helper for Sinatra
131,4620woolWool is an advanced static analysis tool for Ruby.
131,4620universe-devtoolsgem install universe-devtools
131,4620tluong_test_gemA gem to explain how to make gems
131,4620toddlerA pure Ruby implementation of a two year old
131,4620tail_from_sentinelReads a file, but only return content once a marker (sentinel) has been found.
131,4620syslogger-alexSame as SyslogLogger, but without the ridiculous number of dependencies and with the po...
131,4620universe-railsgem install universe-rails
131,4620tgbyte-activerecord-jdbcmssql-adapterInstall this gem to use MS-SQL with JRuby on Rails.
131,4620sunedison-capFIX (describe your package)
131,4620somezack-feedzirraA feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan...