Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
158461-158480 of all 158,578 gems.
29,2180rmaybemaybe monad library
29,2180qa-railsRails Engine. a mini forum provided by only a simple helper, written in Backbones.js.
29,2180placeholder_avatarsSimply display a random list of placeholder avatars.
29,2180phantom_graphPhantomGraph helps complex process to generate javascript charts to image or pdf withou...
29,2180peeperProvide Kernel#peep, calls pp(self)
29,2180omniauth-discogsOmniAuth strategy for Discogs
29,2180circumspectusA Rails engine that allows users to create surveys and other users to take those surveys
29,2180zapixCommunication with the Zabbix API made easy
29,2180studio-game-second-tryThis is my second time creating the Prag Studios Studio Game Gem. It was much better th...
29,2180ruby-restyA ruby port of the Resty CLI
29,2180rhet-butlerRhet Butler is a presentation assistant. Build a slide deck in simple YAML, design it...
29,2180pmacs-activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapterOracle "enhanced" ActiveRecord adapter contains useful additional methods for working w...
29,2180omniauth-mentionOmniAuth strategy for Mention (OAuth 2.0)
29,2180monographA command line tool for generating beautiful HTML eBooks from Markdown documents
29,2180gem_plantGem template generator
29,2180active_forceUse SalesForce as an ActiveModel
29,2180wordpress-toolsA gem to create and manage wordpress websites
29,2180pure-place-railsThis is Yahoo's Pure CSS framework, but with sass placeholders instead of basic css. It...
29,2180neo4j_clientConnects to a Neo4J database using the REST interface but executes ...
29,2180laraibRuby client library for pump.io