Daily Downloads Ranking

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161761-161780 of all 162,040 gems.
48,2510cross_time_calculationIf you want to compute the same user's online time from server log, who comes from mult...
48,2510browsermob-proxy2Ruby client for the BrowserMob Proxy REST API
48,2510triadTriad allows you to access data from keys, descriptors, and values
48,2510to_spsExports a collection of Active Record Relation to a SPSS syntax
48,2510sidr-railsSidr.js package for the Ruby on Rails Asset Pipeline
48,2510sereth_json_specA gem to generate JSON schema and output from object instances
48,2510improved-rack-throttle-w-expiryRack middleware for rate-limiting incoming HTTP requests.
48,2510dangDang is a Ruby templating language. It uses angle brackets and CSS syntax. Somewhere be...
48,2510catarseThe first open source crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the world
48,2510text_analyzrTextAnalyzr: Analizes files on the fly with some nice output info about the file
48,2510sprockets-gem-pathsAdd gem paths to your sprockets environment outside of rails
48,2510rrxReactive Extensions provide an enumerable-like interface to process temporal data(event...
48,2510motion-accessibilityAA RubyMotion wrapper around the UIAccessibility procotols
48,2510knife-bootstrapsyncBootstrap directory sync
48,2510kakalibcaca is a graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels.
48,2510flossi am waiting to upload this
48,2510find_by_shortcutShortcuts for Active Record queries in the ruby console.
48,2510factory_girl-remote_apiSimply creates an HTTP API for your FactoryGirl factories to be used by client tests.
48,2510colorartRenders a nice HTML page from the cover art of a song
48,2510vagrant-smartosSmartOS Hypervisor provider for Vagrant