Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
161741-161760 of all 162,040 gems.
48,2510highrise_mapperExperimental Gem
48,2510doveWrite single page HTML documents with ease
48,2510docbertSee https://github.com/mojotech/docbert/features/index.feature.md
48,2510church-community-builderRuby gem/plugin to interact with the Church Community Builder API. Checkout the project...
48,2510chef-handler-sensu-eventTriggers a Sensu event if Chef fails to complete
48,2510chassis-datamapperAdds DataMapper gems, config, templates, and Rake tasks to Chassis.
48,2510rsynthRsynth aims to be a simple to use audio synthesis library for use in ruby
48,2510roar_generic_pagination_representerA simple generic pagination representer for ROAR, taken from http://nicksda.apotomo.de/...
48,2510rack-url_authMiddleware for signing urls
48,2510neura-clientNeura client is a ruby client for the neura's custom device api
48,2510tic_tac_toe_wilbertcrConsole Tic Tac Toe game
48,2510simple_eventsA basic event notification system
48,2510launchrockA ruby gem to integrate with the launchrock API
48,2510knife-oktawaveThis plugin extends Knife with the ability to manage Oktawave Cloud Instances (OCI).
48,2510hadesGitHub style deployments
48,2510extended_has_enumerationExtends ActiveRecord with the has_enumeration method allowing a symbolic enumeration to...
48,2510sippy_cupThis tool makes it easier to generate SIPp load tests with DTMF interactions.
48,2510keyme-riceRice is a C++ interface to Ruby's C API. It provides a type-safe and exception-safe in...
48,2510heavenlyGitHub style deployments
48,2510csv_monsterA set of utils for working with CSV files