Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
166641-166660 of all 167,214 gems.
61,3390pebbles-random_key_generatorSimply generates random key from CLI.
61,3390omniauth-unbounceUnbounce strategy for OmniAuth 1.0
61,3390omniauth-movesOmniAuth strategy for Moves.
61,3390notepunch-git-media"This is a summary! Stop yer whining"
61,3390lorem_jpJapanese Lorem Ipsum generator
61,3390lentillentil supports the harvesting of images from Instagram and provides several browsing v...
61,3390jsogLibrary to serialize and deserialize object graphs in the JSOG format
61,3390iso7813Implementation of the ISO/IEC 7813 standard
61,3390irb_reloadA small library for code reloading in your IRB session.
61,3390faqmarkdownA simple Rails FAQ engine powered by markdown.
61,3390studio_game-qpSmall game created as part of Pragmatic Studio's Ruby Course.
61,3390studio_game_apicklerThis is the game from the Pragmatic Studio's Ruby course.
61,3390StudioGameExample gemset from Pragmatic Studio.
61,3390roman_converterRoman Converter converts a roman numeral to an english / modern number. Making sure all...
61,3390refinerycms-bootstrapRefinery CMS extension that adds Twitter Bootstrap 3
61,3390rack-jekyll_dispatchRack middleware to serve Jekyll static content.
61,3390monotonicProvides syscalls to the monotonically increasing system clock
61,3390locationaryGem to normalize and auto-correct location information
61,3390link-previewLink Preview parser feature.
61,3390jdbc-cassandraInstall this gem `require 'jdbc/cassandra'` and invoke `Jdbc::Cassandra.load_driver` wi...