Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
166661-166680 of all 167,214 gems.
61,3390hypercubeA virtual machine manager that doesn't suck as much as doing everything manually.
61,3390hatolenceWrapper for hate_crimes api
61,3390grape-client-generatorAutomatically generate clients for your Grape APIs.
61,3390gcm_for_chromeGoogle Cloud Message for Chrome gem
61,3390refinerycms-tweetsA Refinery CMS engine to add Twitter functionality.
61,3390necroSomething small for process management
61,3390joosy-railsAssets, Generators and beer delivery
61,3390omniauth-betableBetable strategy for OmniAuth.
61,3390npaNumbering Plan Area assignments for NANP (North American Numbering Plan)
61,3390little_sugarA bit of ruby syntax sugar for comfortable work with arrays and utf-8 strings
61,3390gunnerExecute gists from the command line
61,3390groundworkcssThe official GroundworkCSS rails gem. Created by @ghepting and @ldewald. GroundworkCSS ...
61,3390gemfoPulls gem readme files from github and displays them in a website
61,3390fobForm OBjects made easy.
61,3390vagrant-hostentriessvagrant-hosts is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS and ...
61,3390udnClient library and CLI for Cloudn PaaS
61,3390tk-parallelcoordinatesThis provides a rich Tk widget for displaying data across multiple axes with scaling.
61,3390thriftyAutomatically compile Thrift definitions in Ruby
61,3390tb_cmsContent management engine for Twice Baked
61,3390tag_fluffyThis friendly fluffy gives you tags in your Rails app.