Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
166581-166600 of all 167,214 gems.
61,3390qreportAutomatically creates materialized report tables from a SQL query.
61,3390palettetownA simple ruby DSL for writing vim schemes
61,3390multi_gitmulti_git is aimed to be the best git interface for ruby
61,3390loyal_acts_as_paranoidActive Record (~>3.2) plugin which allows you to hide and restore records without actua...
61,3390logger-colorruby logger with color
61,3390webdoceasy webapp documentation
61,3390united_attributesRead more on GitHub.
61,3390TempStreetAddressStreetAddress::US allows you to send any string to parse and if the string is a US addr...
61,3390static_deployAutomated deployment to GitHub pages
61,3390reserved_wordMake your reserved words on Rails
61,3390redundant_mathRedundant math library.
61,3390punchtabRuby wrapper for PunchTab API. PunchTab is the world's first instant loyalty platform.
61,3390peek-env_varsTake a peek into the ENV vars of your Rails application.
61,3390hash-to-conditionsThe HashToConditions gem provides an easy way to build ActiveRecord Array conditions di...
61,3390gooaImplementation of server-side google analytics tracking.
61,3390yolo_backupyolo_backup allows you to create incremental backups of multiple servers using rsync ov...
61,3390texugo-engineDo you ever wanted to create your own text-based game? Use this engine or die trying.
61,3390tax_codeTaxCode scans git commit history and calculates maintenance tax for each file
61,3390sinatra-exstatic-assetsHelpers for writing the HTML and caching of static assets. A fork of Sinatra Static Ass...
61,3390ruby-callbacksmodule Callbackable allows to add callbacks before and after methods