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167881-167900 of all 167,962 gems.
134,0720bio-stockholmParses stockholm sequence alignment format
134,0720doveWrite single page HTML documents with ease
134,0720docbertSee https://github.com/mojotech/docbert/features/index.feature.md
134,0720church-community-builderRuby gem/plugin to interact with the Church Community Builder API. Checkout the project...
134,0720chef-handler-sensu-eventTriggers a Sensu event if Chef fails to complete
134,0720chassis-datamapperAdds DataMapper gems, config, templates, and Rake tasks to Chassis.
134,0720csv_monsterA set of utils for working with CSV files
134,0720cross_time_calculationIf you want to compute the same user's online time from server log, who comes from mult...
134,0720browsermob-proxy2Ruby client for the BrowserMob Proxy REST API
134,0720api_problemAn implementation of draft-nottingham-http-problem.
134,0720dangDang is a Ruby templating language. It uses angle brackets and CSS syntax. Somewhere be...
134,0720catarseThe first open source crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the world
134,0720dropbox-utilityA Ruby client for Dropbox.
134,0720before_and_afterIt adds the methods (before?, after?, within_last?, within_coming?) to Time
134,0720elastic_ransackConditions searching using predicates such as 'name_cont' or 'created_at_gt' for elasti...
134,0720clicheIt will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.
134,0720catarse_coreThe first open source crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the world
134,0720basic_table_sorterA Ruby on Rails basic table sorter gem
134,0720deezer_clientThis is client library for Deezer API. Music webapp at www.deezer.com.
134,0720china_aqiChina AQI API from PM25.in