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Most downloads last day.
167901-167920 of all 167,962 gems.
134,0720colorkitBuilt on Compass and Sass Colorkit provides a sensible default color library along addi...
134,0720age_calGet the age from date.
134,0720crossbrowsertesting-gemRuby helper for crossbrowsertesting.com API
134,0720ad_senseA Ruby wrapper of Google AdSense for generating Ads, link ads, or search ads slots.
134,0720cucumber-tableA gem which can parse Cucumber-Style String to a table. You can write a table in your t...
134,0720dcell-s3-registryAWS S3 registry for DCell
134,0720checkitA little tool to check the your ruby project dependencies
134,0720carrier-servicesAllows you to interact with your carrier via ruby. Often handling the page scraping an ...
134,0720carrierlookupThis library lets you lookup a north american phone carrier.
134,0720basinBasin provides a local web interface to track actions, projects, delegations, and i...
134,0720cail_3of9CAIL Systems Ltd's 3 of 9 Barcode font with asset pipeline for Rails >= 3.1
134,0720better_jasminericeFull support for the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline when bdd'ing your coffeescript or javascr...
134,0720color-js-railscolor-js for Ruby on Rails asset pipeline
134,0720compositionComposition for ActiveRecord models
134,0720circular-mailMass email sending through smtp, rfc-2822 standard. Highly configurable, and feature ri...
134,0720angular-tabsSimple angular directive for declaring tabs.
134,0720ancestry-treeviewAn extension of ancestry gem to show a tree view
134,0720ada_devA gem to automate Ada Dev life
134,0720cordageFlexible record based associations in ActiveFedora models.
134,0720bmhatfield-vagrantVagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.