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169801-169820 of all 169,984 gems.
120,7430pirate-shipPirate ship provides a simple DSL to set up delivery of R output
120,7430zaimA Ruby wrapper for the Zaim API.
120,7430wutangAn experimental command line password manager
120,7430unicorn-soft-timeoutGraceful handling of requests which are reaching the timeout limit to avoid SIGKILL
120,7430sharemoreSave your thoughts to ShareMore through this library
120,7430rabbit-slide-okkez-rubykaigi2013My slide for RubyKaigi2013 るりまのRuby2.0対応ができているはずなので、報告を兼ねて発表します。 他にるりまプロジェクトの外でもるりまの成果...
120,7430vagrant-destroyerIf enable calls vagrant destroy following a vagrant up
120,7430rubulexA simple self-hosted Rubular Clone
120,7430wilburWilbur is primarly a wrapper around OpenWRT Buildroot. Building a custom OpenW...
120,7430surroundedGives an object implicit access to other objects in it's environment.
120,7430redis_objmethods for managing redis keys in an object oriented manner
120,7430ratelimit-bucketbasedSimple rate limiting gem useful for regulating the speed at which service is provided, ...
120,7430pfttestPFT Test GEM
120,7430PCS_pomodorotimes 25 minutes then times 3 minute breaks.
120,7430thunder-1.9.3Thunder does command line interfaces. Nothing more, nothing less.
120,7430ramontayag-middlewareGeneralized implementation of the middleware abstraction for Ruby.
120,7430propertysolutionsA gem that interacts with the property management site propertysolutions.com
120,7430pg_fakerAllows you to specify one or all PG::Connection class methods to cause configurable del...
120,7430kbKitchen Busser - Runs tests for projects in test-kitchen