Daily Downloads Ranking

Most downloads last day.
169821-169840 of all 169,984 gems.
120,7430ecm_lightboxECM Lightbox Module
120,7430kolach_locomotive_cmsThis is a Devise version dependency bug patched Locomotive CMS v2.0.0.rc12. Devise upda...
120,7430validate_as_seo_tagValidate SEO-tag format
120,7430vagrant-shipExport a Vagrant box as an OVF.
120,7430rubynasThe ruby based nas system
120,7430sinatra-sextantA fancy DSL for Sinatra routing
120,7430permissionerA Ruby on Rails authorization gem
120,7430do_sqlserver-tinytdsImplements the DataObjects API for Microsoft SQL Server using TinyTDS
120,7430spiderwebThis gem lets you detect wether the incoming request comes from a spider
120,7430rtatoebaTiny gem to get sample sentences from tatoeba.org
120,7430rabbit-slide-tommy-mail_encryptionメールの暗号化 at NSEG#40
120,7430xively-cliXively CLI
120,7430rsynthRsynth aims to be a simple to use audio synthesis library for use in ruby
120,7430roar_generic_pagination_representerA simple generic pagination representer for ROAR, taken from http://nicksda.apotomo.de/...
120,7430rack-url_authMiddleware for signing urls
120,7430tic_tac_toe_wilbertcrConsole Tic Tac Toe game
120,7430simple_eventsA basic event notification system
120,7430sippy_cupThis tool makes it easier to generate SIPp load tests with DTMF interactions.
120,7430keyme-riceRice is a C++ interface to Ruby's C API. It provides a type-safe and exception-safe in...
120,7430triadTriad allows you to access data from keys, descriptors, and values